0_ o Advanced Nutrients Ph Perfect.. What? Why? How? When? The Rules? Worth it?

Yea so all that stuff in the tittle…

What is it?

It is a term used to describe a line of Nutrients Made by Advanced Nutrients that when used in a certain and specific way will REGULATE (DOES NOT MEAN THE PH WILL “go up and down like crazy but its ok cuz chelated” :crazy_face:) The PH in your Solution Regardless of starting PH (Within reason…Come on people 0_o)(IDK what the range is but lets say 4 - 8 For sure)

It comes in 3 Lines (All of witch have a Coco Specific version)

There is a 3 part WITHOUT PH perfect Called Jungle Juice (I have not tried it…yet)

#1 The 3 part Grow Micro Bloom

Good Well Rounded Nutes
Tried, true and familiar 3 part setup not really expensive and regulates the PH
Works With the entire AN line of additives

#2 The 2 Part Sensi A & B

Sensi Grow A & B
Sensi Bloom A & B

Here is a pic of Grow

While not Super expensive it is about %30 more by weight and the 3 part G/M/B
This aslso works with the enire line of additives (all their stuff works with all their stuff)
It also has additives that the 3 part does not (Here is a quick cut and paste to make me look smarter than i really am Advanced Nutrients.com)

  1. Wet Betty – our prized non-ionic surfactant. A surfactant eases the tension in liquids so that your plants can feed more freely. Think of this as way to remove friction. It’s the difference between an old train on a rusty track and a Japanese bullet train that uses electromagnets to hover, so it can sail through the air at hundreds of miles per hour. Thing is, most surfactants could easily be replaced with dish soap, because they’re not researched and developed for the specific type of plants you grow. Wet Betty, on the other hand, has been painstakingly researched and developed, through 1000s of hours of plant-specific tissue sample tests. And you get it free when you buy Sensi-Grow/Bloom A&B.
  2. Grandma Enggy’s H-2 (Humates) – both the humates and fulvates we use are sourced from Leonardite, a rare volcanic rock that is one of the most mineral rich substances on the planet. Humates will boost seed germinating and root growth, as well as boost the power of chelation (which we’ll explain in just a moment).
  3. Grandma Enggy’s F-1 (Fulvates) – fulvates increase the permeability of plant membranes. These will work hand in hand with Wet Betty to make sure your plants can feed effortlessly. Like our Humates, and all of our products, the fulvates we choose have been carefully tested and selected for the types of plants you grow.
  4. 20 L-Form Amino Acids – while these are not currently a standalone product, we are including them in Sensi-Grow./Bloom A&B to bring you even more value. These special L-Form amino acids are powerhouses of plant growth. Just one of these, L-Tryptophan, has the potential to release bloom boosters that could give you the heaviest harvest of your life. And there are 19 others included. (It’s important to understand, L-Form amino acids are far superior to D-Form amino acids, which are used by most hydroponic nutrient companies today.)
  5. Sensi-Bloom/Grow A&B – Of course, there are the base nutes themselves. Not only do they perfectly balance your pH with pH Perfect technology, but they address every one of your plants’ 16 elemental needs. Going far above and beyond the call of duty, Sensi is much more than your average N-P-K (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium). And each of the elements in Sensi-Grow/Bloom A&B is chelated to the highest quality standards currently possible.

#3 Connoisseur Line (This is the one im running for this Grow)
It is a 2 part as well
Grow A & B
Bloom A & B
Works with all AN additives

Here is a pic of Connoisseur

No more expensive than Sensi (infact this one is cheaper for some reason…Cuz Amazon i guess)

Another Cut / Paste (For that perceived IQ)

The team of scientists realized there were three areas they could improve over standard base nutrients …

1. The selection of the nutrients themselves. While most nutrient companies rely on past research and hearsay, the team at Advanced Nutrients wanted facts. So through a series of exhausting plant-specific, tissue sample tests, the team isolated every variable they could. Then, they asked a series of small questions. Including, what’s really going on here?

Can we improve this element in some small way? Can we improve the way it works with all the other ingredients? When they were finally able to answer all these questions with authority, the results of the formulation they invented were beyond question.

2. The delivery mechanisms. Once the “building blocks” of the formula – the nutrient selection – was optimized, they realized it would all be a gigantic waste if this new formulation, as powerful as it was, couldn’t be absorbed easily and reliably by your plants. So they tested surfactants, amino acids, and every imaginable ingredient or combination of ingredients possible to enhance your plants feeding.

After optimizing the delivery mechanisms, the plants fed this new formulation couldn’t help but absorb almost every last drop!

3. Any other small improvements? This is where the team truly found the potential for huge leverage … over not just the industry standard but even Advanced Nutrient’s best nutes so far.

The point of leverage was in plant bloom metabolism and floral production. There were weak links in the armor of most base nutes, and when Dr. Savov’s team discovered them, the team did what they do best. Patiently, ardently, they went to work. Now, when you buy pH Perfect Connoisseur, you have a base nutrient with the power to rival an entire shelf of standard base nutes and bloom boosters.

It all worked out better than they imagined and pH Perfect Connoisseur had been the world’s most advanced base nutrient since its release many years ago and the flagship base nutrient in the Advanced Nutrients line.

zzz…zzzzz…SNORT…huh?.. 0_o …o ya

So basically this is only for those who have the rest of their Grow and feeding schedual already figured out and are wanting to push as hard as they can with high lights and CO2 ect ect

What?! Really?! Im only up to the why?

O.K. then…

Why would i use it?

Reason 1?
I didn’t want to worry about the PH

Reason 2
They have a support line that will try to help figure out you set up and dial it in… If you are not experienced with how all the parts of a grow work…i.e. Flow rates arrogation drainage RES swaps ect ect.
Then i suggest you stick to the simplest grow style you can while they help you dial it in until you get used to it or maybe do a test run with some thing your not a concerned about stressing as you dial in to more advanced setups

Reason 3 And this is a BIG one… i didint know it had different Rules for use and bought it expecting to keep my hydro set up (RDWC) unchanged

And that leads us to the HOW

First a shameless promotion

Pick a water level for your RES and STICK A FLOAT IN IT! (HEY don’t leave yet this next part is important)

I Love these and have them in a few places around the house (Including a 55 GAL drum i use for an ro holding tank)

Attach that float to a small RES (A 1 gal jug or 10 GAL can or 55 GAL drum…what ever will hold a week worth of water for top ups to your RES)
AND USE 1/2 STRENGTH NUTES for the top up RES
you can start a siphon and gravity feed the float or you can put it on a small pump that recirculates in the top up RES

For mixxing i am just using the calculator on the AN web site

Your water should be R.O. IF POSSIBLE if not then as close to a TDS of 100 PPM as you can get it

You should not need you adjust the water PH unless it is EXTREME
like out of PH 4 - 8

For hydro just follow the chart… so why ask this question?


I have no clue honestly

Another shameless self Promotion coming up… o did i time that wrong? 0_o

The Rules
#1 Measure accurately… no eyeballing it… no matter how good you think your blind butt is at eyeballing

#2 NO Partial water changes This means you DWC 0_o (You can not realistically drain EVERYTHING just get as close as you can without stressing the plants)

#3 Top up float with 1/2 Strength Nutes

#4 Change RES weekly

#5 Add additives before your base Nute when mixxing

#6 Its PH perfect not PH impervious to human error…(use the darn PH pen every once and a while)

Worth it?

We shall see 0_o

55GAL res (submerged and regulated at 66 F)

(4) 5GAL Buckets With 6in Net pots and clay pellets over flow back to the RES

(old PIC)

This bucket recirculates to the RES

so i can check and adjust the RES with out …Climbing into… THE PIT…there are spiders on the other side of the plastic shield daring me to cross the barrier i think they might be related to Hagrids …They mean it…they are ready for me…ill just close the lid and let them be thank you.

CO2 is at 1500 PPM in a sealed room

Temp 85 constant

RH @ 60% Constant

What experienced have you had with the Ph Perfect line?



Forgot this
Top up res - Copy
This is the RES feeding the top up float

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Don’t use ph perfect on hydro unless it specifies it is what it is for!

That line keeps a ph of 6.5 usually


5.5 - 6.2 (supposedly)
Hovering around 5.8 For me

(I think it has been 2 or 3 days)

Sounds more perfect then I give it credit for

Yes it specifies Hydro

Only Time and the Documentation i do here will tell 0_o

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I don’t trust lines made specifically for hydro, those soil/water hybrid solutions always seem to funk my system up

What type of system do you use?

RES PH 1/17/21

Top up RES 1/17/21

Did you ph it down to 5.6? And did it climb to 6.25?

No these were taken at the same time
No PH adjustments will be made… ever (If it works like they say)

Top pic is my RES that the plants use… PH 5.6

The bottom pick is a 1/2 strenth mix that goes to a float in the MAIN RES and fills as the plants use it

No PH Up / Down

I should add that i made my own version of a random siphon interrupter for my sample bucket.

This means a couple times a day randomly my sample bucket (The drain returning to the main RES) will loose siphon and my bucket will rise about 4 gal (a few inches above the return drain)


this starts the siphon back up and will drain the bucket.

What this does is causes the float to suddenly fill any loss all at once instead of a drip at a time.

This was just an accident of circumstance. I made this before i needed a float and i probably should take it off but 2 things…

#1 Im interested in what it will do to the interactions of the system

#2 It aint broke an i aint fixxin it 0_o

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So i worked out this float set up (in my thinky space)
So i broke out my crayon box for everyone (now you can print it out and put it up on the fridge so i know i did good)

While the siphon is active

Water circulates to the sample bucket and back to RES

A few times a day it will lose siphon and the bucket fills as the res drops

This makes the float fill any used Nute Solution all at once rather than drip by drip

Once the Bucket fills above the drain the siphon starts again

Why does this matter?.. I dunno… thought it was cool so i spent a few hours checking it out and writing it up 0_o

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Just ordered a New Set of connoisseur Grow A & B 4L And a B-52 4L and some piranha (Starting to stock for Flower Phase)
So it is official i am gonna Finish this run all Advanced Nutrients Master Grower Tier With CO2 and High Light Levels… lets see what it can do


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PH update

Main RES PH 5.7

Top up res (1/2 strength) PH 6.2

Main RES

1-18-20 res PH

Top up RES

1-19-20 top up res PH

Still Holding 0_o

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