Yet another nutrient question


I’ve read most of the forums people already started to see if I could get my question answered but no cigar. I understand Rob’s 3 nutrient mixes and what stages they’re for but what I’m confused about is how often to mix them into the water I’m giving my plants. They’re still in 16oz cups and I’ve been giving them light water with grow booster daily. Also I’m wondering if any training/topping should be done


What you need to know is the nutrient concentration at the root zone.

You don’t necessarily need to water everyday, in fact this might not be good for the plant because if the soil stays too wet too long it could drown the roots.

Also when you do water you don’t always need to add nutrients, the nutrient schedule, week by week is the recommended EC/PPM at the roots, or in the soil, or in the reservoir in a hydroponics system, but what is always most important is the concentration that is staying at the roots.

In soil you can get a general idea of what is going on at the roots by testing some of the “runoff” after feeding/watering. The idea is getting just enough water mixed through the soil at the roots to have a fairly concentrated mixture from the run off that it will bring enough dissolved solids and ions in this water so that when you test it, it should be pretty close to what is going on deeper in the root zone of the plant.

You can also test it as described here:


Nice job MacG

I would add; You almost never* water plants in soil everyday.

And; As MacG stated. You only need to use a nutrient solution once a week, because in between nutrient applications, you can add PH’d water. (6.5 for soil, 5.8 for hydro) There will always be enough residual minerals in the soil. The plant can also use stored nutrients within itself.

I feel that this allows for a better tasting herb, in the end. :slight_smile:


? Was chkin some u tube mention taste from nutrients when smoking said that no matter how much u flush u will taste them if there not 100% organic I would love to use Roberts nutrients but can’t afford it right now…


This is not true; Other than the fact that you want to use Robert’s Nutrients.