Yellowing seedling question

First DWC grow Amnesia auto, center of seedlings are turning yellow looking for any help
Started from seed in rockwool 11/3
6.5 inch baskets expanded clay in 5gl buckets with 2.5gl of distilled water
Yellow on tips of leaves on 11/15
Started 1/4 nutrients 11/17 yellowing moved to center of leaves

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New growth will be lighter than more established growth as chlorophyll hasn’t had a chance to do its thing yet. It’s perfectly normal.


As well ensure you are flowing the correct feed chart, fox farms unfortunately used the 7 not the 5 tds ppm scale.

Follow this chart, look at each weekly stage and ensure your ppm’s are in line with the chart. Do not go by 1/4 or 1/2 or some other Geuss.

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