WWA / ILGM seeds ..... lucky charms bag seeds ... ILGM super skunk fems to follow soon


so i have 3 21 d/o WWA in the 5x5 tent i did this to two of them they had 5 full nodes #3 will later its behind a node

update later on this


Woohoo here comes the fun part lol watching those flowers stack up


posting some numbers from today …i watered w/ 4m/l cal mag per gal .the two bigger girls on the right in the 4x4 to run off (first time) took 1 gallon for each.

PH in 6.5 the PH out was 6.5 PPM in 400 just from cal mag no nutes my water is like 20ppm from tap.PPM out was over 4k thanks to super soil in bott.1/3
the 2 on the left got 1/2 gal ea. no run off. here is one pic right after water to run off

i been tucking big fan leafs to get light to lower branches you can see that in the group shot.
here is the 5x5 looking good too. the far left two were top/ fimmed depends on how they grow out:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Your girls are looking very nice! Good job.


Wow they’re bulking up fast. Looking good


4000ppm run off
How super is that bottom layer lol
All jokes aside tho i wouldnt be adding anything if your lower layer is that rich the roots should be getting close if not already into it just my two cents
Girls look good though :+1:


My 4 WWA Sea of green 30’’ x 30’’ @ 5 weeks today may make 3ft x3ft :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: in the 4x4 tent

these guys in the 5x5 looking good i week behind lol

here are the two i topped/fimmed up top and 2 i didnt touch on bottom… one on left just got water to run off 5 qts
she droopy ( she is the one in post 33 that was yellowing bad) but PH in 6.5 PH out 6.5 PPM in 20 PPM out 3100 SUPERSOIL :sunglasses:

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Everyone’s looking good!


Definitely filling in fast. Looks great


OMG i got my med Marijuana card today im legal my son got his too! Great day in OKLA. next stop growers license lol.
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So this happen this week i went to Amarillo TX, for 2 1/2 days some how my timer for my lights got kicked or something reset it to 24/7 the poor girls under the vipers got sunburned but look to be ok sort of

these girls loved the light they grew 3 inches

the little one is a super skunk fem from ILGM the girl on the left is Lucky charms bag seed 24 days i sure hope its a she cus it looks great. i topped on the day 20 . here she is all most sun burned just watered her those big leaves soak it up quick im thinking of going 12/12 at day 30 to see if she will show sex it will not hurt the WWAuto’s


i did a little work on the vents the 4 " is fresh air and 6 " is vented out to attic thru wall in back with carbon filter run to a whirly bird that vents out on roof; and then ran a 30 amp line from my garage that was for my green house but i put a new line in for my green house when i did my pool last year so wa la a line for up stairs win for me. o and i have 2 250 amp services coming into my house so wow i can run up a bill lol.

any comments or advice im listening thanks yall!

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Well at least the light snafu didn’t seem to cause any major issues. Is it a digital timer or a mechanical? I’m wondering if it’s digital maybe one of these brownouts we’ve had maybe was big enough to mess with it? I haven’t used either yet so I’m curious. We’ve had quite a bit of flickering lately some big enough to mess up clocks in the house. That’s assuming you’re on OGE like me.


yes OGE it is digital but its got a battery back up so herrrm but i do think were ok now i put a mechanical on it just now thanks @DoobieNoobie


Don’t worry about the light, these things happen to everyone. Your girls will be fine, and they look great.


went to TX again fri came home tonight no light snafoo this time just thirsty girls gave the 4 in 4x4 tent WWA in back 1 gal ea. they have new sisters 3 ILGM super skunk fems the will go out to green house soon,

these two WWA i topped nine days ago look good

the 5x5 tent front center is Super skunk #4 the left and right are Lucky charm seed i sure hope the one on right is female man she is too purdy to be a dude 4 weeks tomorrow. they will join other skunks in my green house soon too.

here is Lucky up close topped her too.

thanks for your thoughts in advance jimmie

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Looking good still. How warm does the greenhouse stay in winter?


Looking good there buddy


With a small heater its like Florida I love it in the winter I spend hours in it I have lots of fruit trees the small one’s I eat of them all winter it can be 80 if I want with the lights I’m putting in I may have to cool it some it will be a experiment @DoobieNoobie


Looking fine my man. Goodjob on the timing catch. N im :crossed_fingers:t5::crossed_fingers:t5: For Lucky to be a chick