WW Auto Day 24 Update

So the girls have entered pre flower from what I can tell so far I have 6 confirmed females.

I have re-amended my soil with 6 tbs of DTE organics. 4-8-4 for the extra phosphorus going into early flower.

They all were watered at the same time with 1Tbs of Molasses mixed in 5 gallons of pre-dechlorinated water pH at 5.8-6.3.

Soil run off has been sitting at pH of 6.2 for the last couple of feeds.

I hope they are monsters.


Look like they are going to be!! 7 of 9 are almost identical leaf wise. Very uniform healthy plants!

Bottom left has the thinnest leaves! She should be the outlier smoke by the end. Best of luck. You should start one journal of updates instead of multiple posts (if u are doing so). Makes it easier to look back when everything is in one place.


Ya I was gonna do a grow journal I should prop start one. Everytime I get motivation it is slowly depleted by the amount of typing I have to do on my phone lol

I have a hand written grow journal I keep in my grow room that has all my secrets in it though

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Looking very nice!

Thanks guys I’ve been working very hard keeping these girls healthy. It is my first time growing basically anything. Had a small veggie garden once but never produced anything.

Me and misses are going to be investing into growing micro greens also we have alot of local farms and markets in my area during the summer to sell to

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Just finished 3 myself all different phenos. It was a fun grow. Mine went 84-91 days. Good luck!