WTF is this bug?

So I found this little bug on the top of one of my Blueberry leaves. It tried to fly, almost like a lady bug, but I captured it without harm to get a picture for you guys! Does anyone know what this is? And if so, is this something to get worried about? After I found the bug I immediately checked all over for more, but I didn’t find anymore. Hopefully this is the only one!


need close up cant zoom this pict H

Lmao a potato bug it’s a beetle
they are big and easily removed by hand

Lol ok, is it something to worry about?
Thanks Donald!

Maybe my picture isn’t good enough, but that’s definitely not what you’re thinking. I see those bugs all the time and know them well. This is not one of them. After doing my own research, I believe it is a “Carpet Beetle”. The pictures of the carpet beetle look identical to the bug I have captured right now.

I dont think you have anybthingbto worry about.


First remove bug from plant,second place bug on ground,third place foot slightly above bug,fourth step down firmly, problem gone,lol

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This seems dangerous

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