Will you stop vaping?

They were cutting the juice with vitamin e oil.


My take on “processing” Mother Nature.
Whether talking about cannabis or Broccoli or anything the more you process something from it’s original form the more you lose from what that original form could have provided to you and your bodies critters.
No scientific data to back my thoughts up on this just my understanding of how things work based on what I’ve learned while curing myself from Dis-Ease.
As far as cannabis when pruning small buds in flower I always eat some of what I remove while pruning and I think this is where I gain the most of what the plant has to offer. I do feel a difference in my mouth as far as effects but don’t get a buzz.
The next I believe is eating the dried flowers.
Next is smoking those buds either with flame or dry vape and also decarbing the bud and just eating that if I want to get the THC activated and that’s just like eating a infused brownie without all the sugars etc.
Next is using flower to make budder etc. using low heat (lowest heat when “cooking” anything is best to retain what the plant (any plant) can offer without loss of what it can provide.

And that’s pretty much as far as I will go “processing” my cannabis.
Vapes are convenient and all and much more concentrated but my flower will get me where I want to be without removing some of what the original form of the plant has to offer.

Think Processed foods available everywhere and where that is taking our populations health and vitality.
Processing things from their original state takes away from what it originally offers us.

I haven’t made any vape juice because I decided that with what I do now it provides me with what I need without further processing.
Man processes many things and most often those things processed end up being detrimental to our bodies and I think as time goes by the data and studies will end up confirming my suspicions but maybe not.
Cocoa leaf…fine…man process to cocaine…then process to crack
I can provide many more of this type of example but I think most will get the gist of that thinking.

Anyway just my thoughts on how things work.

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I’m in California, and we had bad air from forest fires for most of the summer. I developed a sore throat and sinus problems from breathing smoke. I was told by a doctor to take a vitamin D3 supplement (4000 IU) to help my lungs recover. I think this is wise advise if you smoke Anything.