Will you stop vaping?

What are your thoughts about recent vaping and lung illness? Do you think it’s contaminates in the oil? THC or non-THC? Have you changed your use of vaping?

I’m smoking dry buds in a pipe, seems healthy for me right now, even though the flame temperature is giving me more tar and resin.

I won’t buy any but making it let’s me know what’s in it. No vitamin e added. That’s what the problem has been tracked down to.


I buy carts with dispensary seals. No doubt, it’s not a fake cart.

As for my mod vape, nope never gonna stop! No vitamin E in that. I clean coils or replace and change cotton weekly. My lungs have been cleared from all the years of smoking cigs. Don’t get bronchitis twice a year and no longer have to use Albuterol.

Edit: Deep breathe, My bong hits have never been bigger!


I saw this coming so I bought a dozen or so. I know it’s been THC carts for the most part. Cheap knockoffs that have never seen a lab. Could be Chinese carts being dumped in the market. My carts are lab tested. This will never last long. I’m in MA, just banned all vape products for 4 months. Nicotine and THC.

Question??? Who makes the commercial cart. And what’s in them???

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I make my own because I no what’s in it rosin and terps and thinner all food grade


Good article. After reading I’m going to figure out how to make my own vape cart oils. I have the PG and VG from when I made my own nic juice flavors to just need to learn how to make the oils.




I never stop vaping. I love weed, I love CBD and THC oil/flowers. Never!

I need to learn to make Vap juice with THC and CBD in it. I was told I had Bronchitis all these years from multiple doctors at the VA Hospital.

Jan 2018 my PC Doctor was busy so they had me see this other Doctor. I was scheduled for a induced asthma attacks. It’s a 7 part test and I failed seconds into the .3rd round. Late in life asthma.

I make my own so I know what’s in it so no


Vape it’s our life.

I tried the hemp CBD and it didn’t do a single thing for me.