Will my plants go in shock if I transplant now?

A question from a fellow grower:

i have a question on what will happen if i transplant my plants late when the plant is like a lil bit bigger then a ruler im afraid they will go into shock im a beginner lol. N i think i messd up because of this i dont wanf to transplant it from da soil its in now to another bucket thats bigger if its going to put them in shock plz help

Transplanting shouldn’t cause them to go into shock unless you do something very wrong. Make sure when you transplant that you get all the roots buried in the soil.

Get you buckets ready for transplant get some root shock
Mix 1/2 tsp to one tsp to gal of water then ph to 6.0
Soak your holes and gently place your plant and covver then soak again and that should do it…

B Safe