Will female turn herm eventually?

A question from a fellow grower:

As I understand it, if a flowering female is left to go late into the harvest season, it will hermaphrodite, pollinate itself, and the seeds produced will be female?

if this is true, what happens when my friend who has a grow license, trims off most of the flowers when ready, but leaves the plant in the ground with some flowers still on it. Will it hermaphrodite and produce seeds? Will it just die?
Thanks for your response.

I personally never heard that one. :slight_smile: If you grow a plant too long, the most that will happen is your THC may deteriorate. FYI. We love amber trichomes. Amber trichomes are actually a sign of the THC decaying. So, if you grow too long beyond this phase. Potency could be affected.

If you harvest all the buds and leave some foliage, leaves on the plant; It can re-vegetate and produce another harvest if the weather permits. Any plant has the potential to “hermie” but, what you are describing is not something I would count on.

Happy growing! :slight_smile: