When to transplant seedlings


I am a beginner at growing inside . Germinated seeds in water for 24 hour. tap roots were present . I put them in rapid routers. All 15 sprouted in 36 to 48 hours. I thinks I might have kept too long under Cfl light. I planted them in solo cups with 75% coconut coir 25% perlite mix. They have first leaves and second set sprouting. I may be impatient but the growth has seemed to slow after transplant. I am now 10 days into from germination.


I’ve noticed when I’ve transplanted, it takes close to a week for them to “settle in” and start growing again. All mine stood still after transplanting. I think it won’t be long until you see faster growth.


The slow growth is absoletly normal after you put them in solo cups they are making roots, they soon gone a thrive, it took usealy 1-2 week(s) to settle down after put in solo cups or other container.

Hope that I have enlighten you a bit :innocent::v:


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Thanks for reply. They look healthy. Guess I am a little impatient . they germinated so easily and had first growth soon after .


We all are/were at some point as well. After a little time and the “new” excitement wears off, you’ll be okay just letting them grow and watching it happen. When we start, we just want to see something happening or have something to do in the garden. In the end, they’re better mostly just left alone.


Thanks , I am encouraged by your reply . I have plenty of light after transplant . room is 76 degrees with 45% humidity. light air movement from fan .


Might want to up your RH for a little while, if you can. Maybe closer to 60%. 45% is in the acceptable range though so if you can’t, not the end of the world.


Thanks will try. They came out from 78 degrees and 75% RH. into the grow room. will try to increase RH.


A little bit more humidity will be better, around 55-60% RH for the young ones, however, they gone a be fine at 45… just put an eye on her she will tell you if it’s too dry :wink::innocent:


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This is fun , I suspected it was a bit dry . Will increase RH . And not over water . I guess I am paying too much attention to my new Babies. Must be the Daddy in me. Lol


I’m sure it’s the “wanting killer plants” in you. You’re not alone!


I have been growing vegetable gardens since 1978. Friend of mine told me , if you can grow tomatoes outside . you can grow a weed with controlled conditions inside.


That’s probably true
Just remember when they are small you may not see groth above soil because it all growing under building the foundation it needs to hold up those big buds your going to have


@cheeze56, it’s true, me too I am gardening fruits and vegetables, outside and inside :wink: It’s just recently that I went for cannabis growing . Even if it’s take little bit more attention inside, it’s worth the investement…:innocent::+1::ok_hand::v:


I think you are right. Garden outside are constant assaulted from the elements. Pests ,animals, bacteria, etc . Have had to deal with all but constantly get good results . Patience is needed , just something new.


Thanks guys for the suggestions and support. little darlings seem a lot better today. 77 degrees 73 % RH. 11 days from germination most of the 15 seedlings thriving. Fingers crossed. Lol