When to start final flush/leaching?

When should I start my final flush with clean ph’d water . 36 days into flowering in soil.

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Search for the topic . To flush or not to flush . After reading this and experiments on my own ( flush one not the other ) I dont flush the end of my grow anymore only to balance ph or correct a issue during the grow


That’s kinda what I’m thinking. I know there are plenty of nutes stored in the soil to last the final 3 weeks so I might use plain water but water a little less so I don’t clear out all the nutes too quickly.

Id say 2 weeks before harvest dude, water only for 2 weeks will make the plant demolish the last of its nutrients and you can harvest a nice clean bud.

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Like @Oldstoner, I don’t flush at the end. Just stop feeding 2 weeks before harvest. Flushing is to fix a problem, IMO.


I love hearing all your opinions on growing. It’s very helpful. There’s all these “rules” to go by but in nature there is no rules. Like they say to keep canopy temp and soil temps a certain lvl water them this much but not that much. Weather is different every day outside…


I personally don’t flush my plants but I am using organic nutes. As others have said a couple weeks before harvest would be good to just start giving it PH water and no nutes to let the stores nutes get used up.
If I remember correctly you are growing white widow. From my experience with white widows they tend to take longer than the suggested flowering period. I would purchase a jewelers loop or a magnifying scope to monitor the trichomes to see when they start to change. That way you can determine how much longer you should flower for.
What I found with the white widows I grew they added quite bit of weight and trichomes around day 70 or so. ILGM white widows are listed with a average flowering period of around 60 days. Every plant is different so monitoring the trichomes is the best way to determine how far along you are and when to start watering with PH water only.

Hope this helps.


Mine (WW’s) went a couple weeks beyond what I expected.


I’m growing ak-47 and cheese

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Ak-47 is listed as 64 days flowering
Cheese is listed as 60 days.

I would definitely recommend getting a jewelers loop or a scope to check the trichomes. Looking at your pictures they don’t look to be ready yet none of the pistols have changed color. I would say you have at least 3 weeks left but again the trichomes will let you know when you are close.

I’ve never grown either of those strains so I have no experience with how long to flower them but I’m sure there are others who can comment on those particular strains and give you an idea of how long you have to go.

I also do not flush


I use molasses and fox farm nutes. Are they organic or not?

My AK 47 Fem went 70 days but was a good product. I wanted to harvest at 65 days but the last several days added a LOT to the final product. Pistils and trichomes will tell when it is time to harvest.

Did you have problems with Cal/Mag when you were growing the AK ? Most everyone I talked to had to add Cal/Mag esp in the mid to late flowering and I was wondering if you had the same thing? Jerry

Not sure what a cal mag problem would be. I have a few leaves that don’t get enough light that will get pale and fall off randomly but other than that I don’t have any real issues except for running out of grow space

The molasses I beive is organic depending on the brand.

As for the fox farms, I browsed there website and they had 2 different fertilizers that said they were organic. They were “wholly Mackerel” and “Kelp me kelp you”. So it would depend on which line of nutes you used. I’ve never used it so I’m not real familiar with them.

I’ve seen a lot of posts around the web on the subject of flushing and most of the time they are varying opinions. Even though I use organic nutes I usually stop giving my plants nutes a few weeks before I harvest, I don’t actually flush the soil but I allow the plant to use up the nutes it has stored in itself and also what is remaining in the soil. I might feed one of my plants right up to the harvest this year to see if there is a difference or not.