When to start fertilizing

I just transplanted a few plants into some better soil after they were struggling. I see new growth and leaves are getting darker green be to believe they can finally take in nutrients. When can I start fertilizing with the Veggie fertilizer? I was told to wait 30days by the hydro shop that sold me the “Cost of Maine” soil, is that true?

Probably a good bet. They probably want repeat business.

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Do you water to runoff??? and do you have a TDS meter???

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I don’t water to run off, still pretty new to this, honestly I don’t know when to water. I watered about 2 cups worth of water and waiting till it drys before watering again. I don’t know what a TDS meter is, please help :joy:

I’ve never used the coast of main but is it preloaded organic soil or coco? What’s the age of the plants?

You gotta do some reading. Search this site the “TDS meters” and “watering to runoff” there should be plenty to keep you busy. Once you get the rough idea it will make sense. Basicly watering to runoff is when you water keep pouring till it runs out the bottom, collect some or the drippings and measure with TDS meter and that will tell you what’s in the soil and when to feed and how much to feed.


Soil is preloaded with nutrients (I added a picture) plants are 7week old clones. Small guys because of lack of nutrients in old souls and probably bad ph levels.

The picture needs to fully load before you post it. Anyway as @Audiofreak said, TDS and PH pens are critical along with run off testing. You can see an issue with the plant but can’t see if there’s an issue with needing or too much nutes. Run off testing will tell you that. Start a journal, I use a spiral notebook and record my mixture that’ll be going in and collect some run off coming out to compare both numbers. If you maintain a steady regiment, those numbers should be fairly close to each other :love_you_gesture:

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With soil you should head for 6.5 Ph.

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Preloaded organic soils are usually good for 4-6 weeks and typically used for seedling they veg. Sometimes I’ll test buffered organic mediums before I plant with a slurry test.

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