When to put in SCROG?


Do I put the SCROG in now before the plants or wait? I’ll be growing only 2 plants 1 is Blue Dream and the other is GSC, also how far above the pots do I put the SCROG? Thanks

I’m growing in a 48x48x80 grow tent


I just asked this same question and the minimum is 12 inches above. It really depends on how much room you need to be able to water your plants and be able to trim off the suckers. So 12-18 inches is the target area depending on your set up. Do you have any pics? I have the exact same size tent with an RDWC system. All information given in thanks to @raustin for teaching me so I can help others!


OK now some people I heard do their squares at 4-inch by 4-inch wile others do 2-inch by 2-inch which is better? Thanks for the help btw


Two inch will be too small, four inch is perfect.


My scrog net is small but as long as I can put a branch through it, it will work. I chose a scrog screen with smaller squares because if gives me more areas to clip and direct my plant growth. It really is just a preference thing. I have never done a scrog but it is LST with a net. I assure you either way would work.


That will definitely work, it’s just a little harder to pull the branches through.


Just set up mine tonight. Here is some pics from last grow


4" would definitely be easier though lol. I am doing 3 plants in a 4x4 net so I will need more strands to carefully place my plants limbs


OK Thanks, 4 Inch it is. I’ll be making my own scrog. I just found this video so tomorrow I’ll be making this. DIY SCROG


Excellent, you’re gonna love SCROGing. Im lazy, I just bought mine.


Did you diy build the 3 bucket kit or did you purchas a kit already and just assemble it if so how much and from where I really like the current culture H2O system but it’s like $1,600 for a 4 bucket system and I already spent my savings on my lighting system


I bought my scrog net, but I built my own RDWC system. The system you can buy are way too expensive and look poorly built.


Are we sure we are talking about scrog nets here. Hehe