When should I go to a day/night cycle

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Germination went well. All five seeds rooted. Planted all seeds in the dirt on 3/10/2018. Are now about 2 inches in growth. I have had it under 24 hour light. When should I go to a day/night cycle? Cannot put outside permanently yet, still too cold. Thanks!


You should be trying matching your hours of light to the amount of natural light they will get when you put them out
So if your putting them out in say end of may and sun is out for 18 hours a day you should be running 18 hours on
This does depend on region your in and amount of day light hours
Fyi plants need a rest period they do most of thier growing during light out and store energy during the day that is collect in the form of light
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You can start your day/night cycle now, they look nice and healthy. I would go for 18/6.