Whats this and wat do i do ? Pls help

Looks like the leaf turning brown from the center

First…is pic taken with grow lights on…OR…natural light? Can’t tell much with grow lights on.

Only one leaf? Whole plant?

One leaf whole plant and yea wit grow light on … Should i take one wit reg light ?

pics show best in regular room light…NOT colored grow lights.

pic posted is too close n out of focus.

Are you spraying anything on the leaves?

No what can i spray to slow down the mold

Is it in a really humid and moldy environment? Looks like dust on the leaves which could be mold or something else.

Its mildew mold on leaves i wipe them wit wet paper towel to keep on check some what and its in a 4x6 tent humidity is always between 40 and 50 temps always 73 with 2 lights one 600w led and a glow bulb from homedepot to reach the bottlom leaves … I heard spray wit applecider vinigar or proxide mix wit water but i dont kno amounts … Im lookin at buys a germicidal light but need something meanwhile

I have basil and garlic growin next to it

Don’t doubt you. Im just asking about source. If you are growing in a musty basement you can treat all you want but never get rid of it.

I heard that garlic is antifungal amd kills mold in air and basil keeps the bugs away kuz they hate the smell of the oil

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Easiest would be 3% peroxide. Anything else will remain on your leaves and likely cause other problems.

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This is a really bad sign. I just read about this in another thread but I forgot it’s name It looks like some kind of fungal stem rot and its almost impossible to cure from what I read.