Whats happening here!? First grow



yea it is an auto. It popped out of the ground 25/9


Nice so you’re about a month older than mine.


yea they are just showing its dark flowers. cant wait!! :slight_smile:


Awesome I’ll be following along. Be a nice preview to what I can expect.


What else are you growing?


I’ve got 2 red Poison autos and 2 bloody skunk autos.


@raustin @EclecticJack

Getting worried guys. All plants seem to be showing yellow.

The only thing I can think of is that I mist daily, sometimes twice daily. Could this be causing leaves to burn?

I posted some details above about the ph and tds on the white widdow which started doing it this week but now all are.

The 400w led light is approx 24-26” above the plants.

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I don’t think that’s leaf burn. I still feel as if it is a deficiency in your veg nutrients. My vote is still a sulfur deficiency…while that may be a more rare issues, it does look just like #2 on the Sulfur photo. Refresh my memory please, what is the pH of you feeding soution? Maybe your pH is just too low.


Don’t take that last pH chart too literally. I don’t expect you to bring things up to a 9.5 to fix your issue, but use that as a slide scale.


You have a sulphur deficiency, and also need to transplant that girl into a bigger pot. Transplant her and give her a good all around feed.


Sulphur, for sure. :grinning:


@EclecticJack I have no idea how to read that chart! Any tips?

What is the best way to cure a sulfur deficiency?

I have some epsom salts


Yes, you can use Epsom salts to fix the sulphur deficiency.


Thanks @raustin.

That plant is about 3-4 weeks old and an outdoor plant (Frisian Dew by Dutch Passion). It is currently in seed raising mix and I believe I have only feed her once. I plan to transplant it outside shortly (may even do it this afternoon).

In regards to sorting out this deficiency, how do I go about it? You mentioned give it a good all round feed, but I am unsure whether any of the fertilizers I have actually contain any suplhur. Here is the spec sheet of what I use (Charlie Carp).

I also have powerfeed at home which I haven’t used yet. The ILGM White Widdow Auto is starting to flower so unsure if any are good at this stage…the rest it will be find as they are still in veg.


Some current photos


Thanks @raustin,

Would Epsom salts be a better alternative to feeding using the fertliziers I posted?

If so, how do you recommend I go about it? Spread along the soil and water in (how much should I use? its a 5Gallon fabric pot).

Sorry for so many questions. It is my first grow and obviously worried! :slight_smile:


Some of those nutes do have sulphur, so you can feed with that first or second one, but Epsom salt will also do the trick. I would add a teaspoon of Epsom salt to a gallon of water and use that.


Thanks so much @raustin!!

Do you think I would only need to apply it the one time or on a fortnightly basis?

One other questions, I have 2 autos currently in flower. Should I stop using those two feeds and just use Sulfate of Potash or a combination of the two? I am sure I have read that it is unwise to give it too much nitrogen during flowering.


It really can’t hurt to add some Epsom salts once a week, it will also keep away a magnesium deficiency as well as the sulphur.

For your autos in flower, I would use that second nute you showed, it has no nitrogen and lots of other good stuff that the plants will need.



Thank you so very much for all your help and advice. I owe you a bottle of red!!