Whats going on?

This is a auto critical mass cbd version from ilgm its starting week5 i have a spiderfarmer 1000 18/6. Kellog organic plus soil 2/3 perlite 1/3 using the ff trio ph tap water down to 6.0. Brown spots are beginning to show up in the center of leaf. The last time i watered i accidentally ph down to 5.4 planning to do a flush next watering ph to 6.5

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In soil the ph should be 6.3-6.8.
And your soil already has some organic amendments.
I can see some tip burn in the second pic indicative of a bit of over nute going on but not bad.
If those 2 leaves in bottom pic are the only spots on leaves then I wouldn’t be too concerned.
One leaf is laying on the edge of your tote and chafing or water drops can cause very similar spots when the light is magnified thru the drops.
Try to keep any nute splash off the leaves while lights are on.



Thanks! I’ve been doing nutes at 1/2 strength because of my soil. But the first 2 weeks the plant turned very yellow from the bottom up made me think it needed more nitrogen. I’ll just keep an eye on her and take it easy with nutes.

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