Whats a decent ph meter?

I have this ph meter i got off Amazon and I really think it not accurate. Whats a reasonably priced ph meter someone can recommend. Are the ones that measure ph and ppm any good?

Apera economy level is a great option
Ph 20 I think


Yep the ph20 is a good meter. Cheaper on Amazon though


Perfect thanks guys!!

Apera is the way to go as Blue Labs tend to cost more. I can only say Apera is a fine meter.

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Do you see any benefits the pH 60 offers that the pH 20 doesn’t to warrant a 30 increase on the price? A guy mentioned in a review that the replaceable head for the 60 is 40$, so for $10 more he’d rather get a new 20 version when it does fail which I get.

I’m also looking to get a new tds meter as I want some better quality measuring equipment. Do you recommend going with a higher model apera that can do both pH and ppm, or stick with whichever recommendation from the pH 20 & 60 and get a separate tds meter?

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The $15 tds meters work just fine. As you mentioned the replaceable probe is the main benefit between the 20 and 60. Plus is has other probes you can put on it like soil probes. If you’re not inclined to dropping things, then the 20 is just fine.

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I “dropped the cash” on the 60

Was it worth it? Not so far,?but I also know me, and the less instruments to deal with the better

I could/should have saved a little cash, but I can’t say that I’m at all dissatisfied with the product

The 60 is all in one unit and does the job

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I have found those cheap pH meters ($10-12) work pretty well if you store them upright with 3M KCL solution in the cap so the probe stays wet. They hold calibration well. I always use 2 at a time just to make sure they read the same. I change the solution in the cap once a week during a grow. Between grows I just store them dry and presoak a couple of hours in solution before I start using them again. 8oz. solution $12 on amazon and a bottle will last me a couple of grows easy.

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Any pH meter made by an internment company will be good. Milwaukee, Hannah Apera, etc…

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I hadn’t heard of storing them in a solution until recently when I was looking into purchasing a higher quality meter. I have the famous yellow amazon vivosun model and it made no mention of that. Ill chalk it up as a part of the learning curve!

I should have added when you buy these at Amazon search ph meter and scroll thru 5 or 6 pages. These are all the same meters just different color plastics and prices range from 14.99 down to 6.99. I didn’t find the cheap one until around page 6. I have purchased 4 or 5 of these since I started and they are all made by CE whoever that is. Just started using storage solution this grow and hoping this will make them last longer.

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Blue Lab