What water do you use

I was wondering what do you use to water with? Between feeding are you using distilled? Tap? If you use distilled do your ph it? How do you water with out nutrients?

Perhaps the answers might be better suited to your needs if we knew what you are growing in.
Soil? If so what soil…Brand and type.

It all depends on what your set up can handle

In the mean time, you can use reverse osmosis or distilled water in between feedings in soil if there is enough nutrients already in the soil. Some growers upon seeing tips getting brown will simply water with plain distilled water to let the plant use leftover food. You cant adjust the pH of distilled or reverse osmosis water because there is not anything in the water to give you an accurate reading. Whatever your meter reads will be false. Most of the time they just read random numbers and jump around.


Tap water

Sorry yes this is a soil question

I use spring water.

I initially used distilled with my AutoPot grow and it is a pain in the butt to constantly be buying water. My last grow I used our tap water aka well water. We put in an undersink water filter and I filter through there. It actually has had way less pH drift than distilled so I am a happy camper.