What to do with my male plants

A question from a fellow grower:

I only have a 3 foot male with a dozen stems. It is currently shedding the flowers and creating a lot of pollen. I wish to get the most out of it for my pipe. Please advise what I should do now.

get rid of them don’t want them to pollenate your girls

The amount of weed you would get from that plant will be VERY small. It will not bud and will make all the females in the tent produce seeds, lowering the THC content of the females. KILL THE INVADER to protect your crop.

The only reason I would keep a male if I was cross breeding with another plant from a different species which will work well. Also look into harvesting the pollen and saving it for another time if you think you might want to cross some plants at a future time. Look in Robert’s Blog and growing guides for info on pollen collection.
If you want an answer from MacGuyverStoner or Latewood, put their name at the front of the post so they will know it is specifically for them. They are really great with their information but are busy so we try to help out as much as possible !

Males are worthless, unless you are attempting to pollinate female plants for breeding.

Get rid of it before it pollinated your girls.

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