What kind of strain is this? Ideas?

I have this bud that I got from my friend, he has no idea what strain it is but this stuff is :fire:. I got two seeds from it and I’m going to germinate them. My question to everybody would be is does anybody happen to know what this stuff might be? If not fine second question would be based off of what the stuff looks like if they happen to be male should I cross them with 1 of my other strains that I’m growing?

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No clue, but seeds will be feminized most likely.

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Looks like sour diesel from the color and bud structure. Tooooootal guess tho. Just what my sour d looks like and its a skull dinger.

Could be anything if you really want to know get it tested some place ha

that’s her now from seed one of them didn’t make it but she grew all retarded mutated or something lol. She is also really Frosty looking starting out now but has no smell at all, We’ll see.