What is the best lighting for a tiny marijuana closet?


What’s the best kind of light for optimal growth and potency in a small marijuana garden (2’ x 3’)? There’s a lot of vertical space, the surface is entirely reflective, and ventilation is no issue.

The area of your marijuana closet is 6 square feet in total. A 250-watt lamp would provide an electrical input of over 40 watts per square foot (psf), while a 400-watt lamp would use about 66 watts psf. Both of these options would work, but the larger wattage would support increase rates of growth and larger buds. It would also generate more heat, so the marijuana grow room would need to be properly ventilated.



As Robert stated, a 400W MH to veg, and a 400W HPS to flower is probably the best choice if you can vent and circulate enough air. If that is a problem I would suggest using CFLs. Cheap easy and not much heat. Another real good option are the T5 fluorescent light. Very good lights.