What does the term Frosty mean?

What does the term Frosty mean?

Frosty… The look of the buds with the resin or whatever on them…

Notice how it looks like the top is frosted… That is one frosty bud…

Either that, or it is a cold/frozen, dairy like substance sold at Wendy’s here in the US :+1:


I have had some buds that looked as though they may have some type of grey fungus or grey mold. Could I have mistaken buds looking like this for buds that were just frosty? The buds were in their early stages of growth.

Do you have any pictures of said buds or “fungus”?

Mold will be thicker, not be as symmetrical, more scattered, and fill in more… below are two examples of mold on a bud

I have never personally experienced mold yet (knocks on wood). But if you find you are not sure, post us a pic, and someone will help you to identify what it is…

Sorry, but no pictures. The rest of the buds on this plant seem to be doing fine. The plant suffered from a bit of heat burn early on, but seems to be overcoming that problem. The plant doesn’t want to grow as large as other plants.

The frost did seem to be a bit more symmetrical, buds were smaller than the ones in the pictures you posted. Thank You for the photos. They will help me as a guide for what to look for in the future. Thanks for the help and advice! Another reason why I like to deal only with ILGM.

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Go google images, and search Moldy buds, or mmj mold… You will see lots of pics of various types of mold in different stages…

Also image search frosty buds, you will start to see the differences… :v:

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Hopefully I won’t run across this any more, but if I do I will be sure to take a picture so that you may be able to help me out better.

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