What all do I add to distilled water?


Im curious about running a dwc system. I already have the general hydroponics trio but what else do i add?


You literally have everything you need to get started on plant feeding…

Now you will need something that will probably help you fight root rot, hydrogen peroxide can help with that also.

You could get some cal/mag but if the trio is used correctly you shouldn’t need it.

You can get by on the trio and peroxide, you can add more but I suggest just learning DWC at its most basic first.


I use distilled water and advanced nutrients now. I used the trio in my first dwc though and I always put in calmag now it seems to always happen (show minor deficiency) If I don’t use it. I used this chart when I was using general hydroponics.

From my experience now it seems like it always wants it lol. I just discovered my tap water is 50ppm and mostly it’s calcium and mag in there I looked up my towns water quality. I air it out for 24hrs to get rid of unwanted chlorine etc… and it’s working just as good. I only use tap if I’m out of distilled at the moment though. Anyway for the calmag it probably was the amount that I needed but was missing from distilled. I like starting out at 0ppm too makes it easier for nutes. Best of luck!


That’s a nice tap you have :eyes:


If you have a spare pump and air stone you can bubble the water to remove chlorine as well. A couple hours will usually do the trick this way.