WEEK 5: is my plant looking weak?

Hey everyone,

this is my first grow and I have a couple questions.

  1. How does the plant look after 5 weeks?

  2. Do the leaves look slightly droopy?

  3. Should I prune any leaves?

  4. Should I get a dehumidifier?

Here’s some more information:

I’m growing an autoflower Gorilla Glue #4.

I’m running 18/6 light schedule (but the plant never gets true darkness because the 6 hours I turn the lights off, for heat reasons, it is during the day and the flaps are open during this time which allows some light from the room to seep in)

I’m watering the plant until I feel it’s weight is around 1/3 of the weight of a fully soaked pot (recommended by the company that sold me the pot kit/mix)

Last time I watered was around 4 days ago (1.5 gallons). Soil still looks wet/moist underneath the top soil.
Humidity is around 60-70%, and the only way I’m able to bring it down is opening the main door for a bit.

I bought my grow kit from this link :



I was also told my light isn’t sufficient enough to power this plant, so I’m considering buying a 135 QB V2 LED light.

Along the way I ran into some issues, my fan leaves seem to have been developing brown spots. I was told on multiple forums that these leaves are just getting old as they enter the flowering stage.

Also my tent for around a week was hitting around 87-89 degrees on peak days. Over the last 3 days I turned the AC on to 75 and the tent averages between 77-80 degrees now but never higher. I figured this was the reason those leaves developed the brown spots.

ANY advice would be greatly appreciated! Would hate to lose this plant, but also totally okay with it as long as I’m better prepared on my next grow!!


If plant is not an auto then you are flirting with producing a hermaphrodite doing this.

Before you buy a QB 135; make sure it fits in your tent.

Reverse your day/night cycle and you solve problem 1 and 3 both.

Plant looks fine; it would be nice to know the actual wattage of light. It’s not listed.


they say its 300w on amazon. Is there something I can get at home depot to test the wattage? Would love to see this before I consider purchasing another light.

Will do. Is it safe to reverse the day/night cycle at this point? And to do it should I just let the light run through until lets say 12 am and then have it back on at 6 am? (right now its off 1pm-7pm)
Also how would reversing the light cycle affect me pruning the plant?


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Seems it’s a 100 watt light, here is the light by itself


I use a killawatt meter to monitor electrical usage



damn… i’m guessing 100 w isn’t enough to power 1 plant in my grow tent


I’d say it’s barely enough for 1 plant but certainly isn’t enough to maximize bud growth and density in flowering once that lights gets spread out in your space.


im considering this one since it will fit perfectly in my tent. any opinion?


I’d stay away from the blurple lights (like that one), they are older tech, less efficient, run hotter. For a little more ($350), a HLG 260 r spec kit would be a much better light, extremely efficient, runs cooler, better spectrum of light, USA company, etc…


got it, i can’t find the specs on those lights though. would they fit in my 32x32x63 tent?

Sure, it’s 600mm x 205mm which translates to 23.6" x 8.07", would easily fit in a 32"x32" tent, and light it up very well, dims from 135 to 280 watts.

Here is a HLG 260 (the longer one) and a HLG 135 in my 36"x36" tent, plenty of room to spare


amazing. going to purchase one right now.

on another topic mentioned earlier, I decided to prune a few leaves, mainly one’s that were dying. I tucked some big fan leaves on top that were blocking the bud spots as well.

I read pruning autoflowers is a big no no but then some people say its important. here’s some pics below after pruning.

also is this red/purple color in the stem normal?

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I don’t grow autos but if I did, I’d do the same as I do now, prune and trim as needed, a bud site that gets direct light will grow bigger and better than a bud site that does not get direct light, don’t go crazy and pull all your leaves off though, but any leaf that is dead, dying, or diseased is gone, no reason to keep them around. A leaf that is blocking bud sites in flowering is tucked or removed, we’re growing buds, not leaves. Red/purple in stems is usually not a problem as many strains have that in their genetics, if plant looks good otherwise, would not worry about it.


sick. again appreciate the quick response. This is honestly the best forum, everyone seems passionate about it.

So since I just bought the 260W QB V2 RSPEC LED KIT, would it be ok for me to switch lights as soon as that comes in?


Yes, I would switch lights as soon as UPS dropped it off and you put the kit together, will need a philips screwdriver and wire strippers. First one took me 15 minutes to put together (triple checking that I’m connecting the right wires together watching a youtube video), second one took less than 5 minutes to put together, easy stuff.

I would not go to max watts on the first day though, since you’re coming from 100 watts, I’d run the 260 at like 150 watts first day, then bump 20-30 watts each day until you get to about 260 watts and then leave it there, best to run just a little dimmed than flat out, more efficient and a little less heat and maybe a bit more longevity. I’d also start the light about 24 inches above your plant and get it down to 20 inches after you’ve been at 260 watts for a few days. All this to help acclimate your plant to the much more powerful light.

You might want to get that killawatt monitor (or similar, there are cheaper ones that do the same) so you can see exactly what watts you’re setting the light to (via the dimmer screw).


Yes this is the best grow community on the internet for sure. Welcome by rhe way. Be sure, when you say (pruning) that you arent topping or fimming, because autos flower fairly fast. Topping typically requires a week or 2 to recover and replace with new tops worthy of making reasonable flower from, your plant may switch during that time.


got it. i’ll post results during the late flower period

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i haven’t cut anything from the top, everything seemed to have been below the midpoint.
hopefully the new light @Hellraiser recommended that I just ordered will help buds that aren’t being lighted properly

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Excellent, and have fun with yer new hobby!

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Hey guys this is an update on my plant. My new light came in and its awesome…BUT i feel like my plant is dying. Does this look like a pH issue?? i’ve been snipping away at all the leaves that turn like this…not sure if i’m suppsoed to do that. really would like to be able to save this plant if i could somehow at this point. @Cannabian @Hellraiser @Myfriendis410

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Fill out a Support Ticket? You have multiple defs going on. Need more info