We really learn more by doing, and unfortunately by failing

I have been reading and doing for a couple of years now. My intitial investment was modest in terms of cost. As anyone who reads this knows how expensive buying cannabis is. I’m an older guy, 77. I didnt buy cannabis so I could get high, I needed pain relief without the fear of opiod addiction.
When I think about it, the risks of buying and the cost pushed me to decide that growing was more what I needed.
What is important about this post is that when I began this “experiment” I couldn’t grow anything with much success. I downloaded the "Grow Bible by RB. I read it page by page. Not an easy read by any stretch.
Here’s where I say, I’ve learned a lot about growing and have come a long way. If you are a beginner you need to know that for most of us we do not have the perfect space for growing, especially in states where it’s illegal.
Unless you are a hermit, friends and family will always be in and around us. So, how do we solve thos problem. What I’m saying is we will always have to solve problems when growing.
As far as advice is concerned, take care. Your growing environment is uniquely yours and you will need to be innovative to solve issues like temp control or humidity. I’d have less problems if i was able to grow in a spare bedroom. Sadly, my hot unairconditioned garage was where i needed to grow. I sealed the doors for air leaks and darkened all the windows. During the summer it can get as high as 90 degree in there. My first problem. Also the humidity is usually 45 to 60. My second problem. Ive solved them both.
Ok, the reason for this post. How many different opinions can there be on growing good weed. Each person has very different conditions. Apply common sense. You’ll get it.

If you want to try Exhale bags, do it. It will either work for you or now. If you want to try 24 hr lights on for autos, do so. Decide on wether you grow big photos or smaller autos. Unless your growing for profit, not for me, grow smaller. Think about it. You grow for your own use so how much pot do you need.
Another thing, seeds are not cheap so find a bank the sells seeds in smaller quanities. But buy 3 at a time since you might not get 100 % germination. What good would it do you to buy by 10 get 10 unless your growing to sell


Very well stated. Each of us has are own little obstacles to overcome in growing. If we persist you can grow come good weed, much less than disp. happy growing :bat: :rofl:


I agree that everyone has to learn and build experience at his own pace.
Lessons learned the hard way tend to stay with you and you prevent them from happening again.

I don’t agree that buying 10+10 means you are selling. Robert sends out these deals occasionally.
I bought a 1/2 gallon “A Pot for Pot” kit for $40 including a $40 off coupon for ILGM seeds.
One of my 10+10 orders I got for $79 after the coupon, or $4 per seed delivered.


Completely understand I did a lot of reading and researching before I bought any seeds so many choices. I went with the Mix auto pack cause I’m new and don’t want to waste time on photos, and trying to learn more, Got 15 seeds for 200$ but look at it this way now I have enough for at least a yr, and considering how much everything else cost lights, soil, nutes, fans, etc seeds r not that bad. Planted 3 seeds put the rest in original packing wrapped up aluminum foil then vacuumed sealed them in a blanket in a bag. There will be waiting on me when I’m ready, good luck


Well written. I am always telling others I would rather see a new person have to deal with a lot of issues when they start. That is the quickest way to learn. I just put my seeds in a bead case I bought, in a ziplock. And toss in a few descant packs. Then into the bottom of the fridge. They last years that way. :grin:

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You have almost 10 yrs on me. I hope the plant helps with your pain. I am one that does not partake. I grow because my wife enjoys it. And I grow because I love growing it. Now I garden outside and inside.


I forgot you were just a grower too. I have only met a few that just grow other than my self. It is a great hobby.
I have only sampled a couple of all the ones I have done. I have jars and jars of samples just sitting.