Watering while away

Hello guys, i am going to be away for 5 days and i need some advice on how i am going to be watering during that time. Its probably going to be just one watering but i cant have someone do it for me and on the other hand i don’t want to skip it as the plant just recovered from transplanting so i don’t want it to go back to looking unhealthy in such a short time. Should mention that i am a in a peat moss situation and i do not have access to getting water from the house, so it will need to be something portable maybe a small water tank. Also Because this is a micro grow, soil dries out quickly (My solo cups go completely dry in 24hours).
Is there any way i can automatically water? Maybe making a DIY drip system? Any ideas will help!

Thank you

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Welcome to ILGM forum. My question is did you transplant into solo cups. If so I’m not really understanding,what did you have them in before putting them in solo cups. You can set up auto watering system that is DIY. But I don’t believe it’s something that can be done quickly or necessarily easily. You can use search feature on forum. Just type in some keywords that you are looking for and you may find threads on how to do it. I’ve seen a couple of people use some type container like a plastic garbage can and use a pump and timer to to water. But you would also lines and halos. Hopefully you can find a thread that has a simpler way.

Hey man thanks, No i didnt transplant to a solo cup, i transplanted from a solo cup to a 5 gl pot my main plant and i have some solo cups with tobacco that im growing along, those dry out completely in 1 day.
I found a cheap small drip thing that you can attach a bottle to and can regulate the drip too. That might work

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