Watering using fish tank water


Not really a aquaponic question but seems like the aquaponic crew would have the answer. My hubby has a hundred gallon tank with Dempsey and a few other fish in it, it runs on a fluval 5 stage filter with mech which is a micro organism filter he uses almost zero chemicals except a chlorine remover at water change, when he changes the water he drains about a third of tank, it’s a lot of water , thoughts about watering my outdoor plants with it ?


I do it all the time, they love it during veg. Stage. I have a 50 gal, 40gal and a small 50 gal plastic pond outside. I have used there water on indoor plants and outdoor plants, no negative results, good luck , ohh I forgot I don’t water everyday with it maybe once a week, I use Aqurium water as a substitute for store bought fertilers, but I also grow organic which means I don’t feed my plants, I feed my soil, by adding fish water im adding microbes to my soil, which help breakdown food and make it easier for plant roots to absorb it. @Chinacat


@Chinacat here’s one plant that has had nothing but aqurium water and mollasses, she’s 3 inches short of 3ft

aqurium water adds microbes, molasses is microbe food, microbes poops out good food source for plants, the soil food web in action , hope this helps you out my friend


Thanks @Mrcrabs, I Will definelty water with the run off next time he changes out the water, I figured as much since he normally drains out the window onto our back lawn and that part of the lawn is the best looking patch we have, I wanted advice though since you can’t be to careful with the ladies :grin:


No problem, check your ppms and ph before hand. To make sure they ain’t to out of range. Good luck @Chinacat