Water only soils

Unless the char is chock full of nutrients then bloom ammending the living soil is needed. I can see it as high octane boost but the primary ammendments for a lot of living soil is designed to be used up during veg. Thus an ammendment containing flower power food is used to get her through the change from veg to concentrating on flower needs. This is my understanding. If i was not reusing the soil i probably would ammend a fresh batch with some. Since reusing the soil it is just rich and wonderful. Char is good.

Char can hold any combo of nutrients. It’s like o negative blood. Any bloom food or nitrogen will not wash out. Your baseline stays rich. It’s the whole entire point of char. You never use it raw or it robs all the nutrients. You soak it in nutrients, compost, or piss for 2-3 weeks before adding it to a mix. Also, microbes like it more than the plant roots.


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It can even hold onto polyatomic molecules like amino acids. Carbon is amazing. I was an organic chemist undergrad and everything is centered around Carbon. Because it is one of the only elements that is 4 free unpaired electrons in its outer orbital. And the uniquely Goldilocks size of the carbon atom.


Does it add to or absorb from? Knowledge is powa. If has to be soaked in nutes would that not make it a carrier over a provider?

It does both. The most common way elemental nutrients are removed from carbon is by the beneficial microbes we nurture in living soil. The two are literally made for each other by Mother Nature. Intelligent design if you believe in such.

The raw carbon is like a dry sponge. It will soak up everything if not loaded first. Making a nutrient desert. The char in our can filters is some of the best char on earth. Don’t chuck it. Piss on it and then use it.


I do believe in that. So if I am understanding this…the char is absorbing the nutes then making it easier for the microbes to process for the plant. If that is the case does it not have to be recharged when the absorbed nutrients are depleted?

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It is because Carbon with 4 unpaired electrons can hold 4 different things at once. Or it can hold a long lipid chain or enzyme at one of the corners. Or a co2. The beauty is if something gets used up off of the carbon, the carbon will quickly rebined to another element or polyatomic molecule. That can be nutrients in the soil. Or why it can strip CO2 out of the air, or remediate methane emissions as your compost breaks down from the microbes. Or a cows backend. It’s kind of mind-boggling to think about. Also, the most common way that elements or nutrients get moved out of the carbon bond, is through microbes. Microbes make all the magic happen between the plant roots and the nutrients sinks such as biochar. The plant signals the microbes to what it wants/needs. I can’t preach enough how much I like biochar. I think it is one of the most under utilized and overlooked aspects of all gardening. Cannabis or corn.

It will hold onto nutrients for literally 1000 years. Look up “Terra pretta”.

All you need is about a half cup per gallon of soil mix. 5-10% volume of mix is the usual rate.


I will add some to my cooking soil then. Cant hurt. Thanks for the info. Have used it before but not since doing living soil.

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Yes, i use activated biochar. @Budbrother and my own research both showed me its many benefits.
I did learned the hard way not to get carried go to heavy with it. I use it in my outdoor raised veggie bed too. Lots of great info @noddykitty1 thanks :v::green_heart:


Ok great i figured that adding drys would be necassary at some point but wasnt sure how far to push the soil out. What kinds would you say for organic soils is best? Sorry if its a stupid question haha just beginning.im guessing you would also need to during early flower also after switching over?

@noddykitty1 you just my brain into overdrive. So can you tell me in country boy terms what char is? As far as amendments go ,im using Elms Dirts Ancient Soil , and Bloom Soil both are dry. As far as liquid, im using Plant Juice and Bloom Juice every third water