Want to learn so please tell me what I did wrong

@Sasquatch @AAA I started these sativa seeds indoors in a window, no lights.
Moved outside and transplanted into FFOF and kept in shade 1 week, have been easing them into sun slowly, using domes and spraying water on the inside of cup only. I think it’s because I overwatered small seedlings in 15 gallon felt pots so the roots are getting rot and not enough oxygen. It’s been VERY hot here in Los Angeles, and I guess FFOF is “hot” so maybe it’s nute burn? Anyway, trying to learn so please let me know what you think went wrong.

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Its really hard to say, last pic looks too dry.

I would always start seedlings in solo cups until they take up the whole cup, then transplant.


Wonder if covering with a dome outside is what cooked it.
The sun puts out tons of UV even on a cloudy day.
I got the worst sunburn I ever had on a coudy day at the beach.
Outside in the sun I would never dome a seedling.


it wasn’t in the sun when the dome was on it

Putting a dome on them outside would be a big no. I’m with @aaa on they look dry . how old are they