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Just wanted to start a blog about Veterans and our particular problems that the VA try’s to take care of with a “One Cure Fits All” type of attitude. I’m not saying that others do not understand at all, it’s just that the VA seems to have a special type of abuse that you really have to experience to believe.

To start with, I may as well been in the military all my life. My dad was a SgtMajor in the Army. Yup, I was a military brat !

I spent 20 years in military service in the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman with the Marines. Dad hated that, he wanted me to join the Army. My little sister did that. Loved the Marine duty but was a hard way to make a living. I had to do everything the Marines did including Marine PFT’s and shooting (actually that was one of the fun things!). Enjoyed the comradeship with the Marines and took the title of “Doc” seriously. My guys would trust anything I said, including most of the officers.

I am currently in the process of getting comp exams for all the stuff that I have from the service. It is hard to even get seen at the VA unless you have service related. That is not fair. We put up with a lot and deserve better treatment than that.

I am staying off the weed now as I have exams coming up. I use cannabis for anxiety and depression. The medicines that they gave me made my depression worse. Stopped them and cannabis works SO much better. I am taking the pills now in case they check my urine and will stop after the appts.

Wish they would take the ban off cannabis. Looking for others like me to join in and share. Jerry


Hey brother I know exactly what you mean. I was in the Army for 5 years deployed to Afghanyland and i miss ot. I miss the thrill and addreniline. I was dischagred medicslly for my shoulder and various other rhings incliding ptsd. Thank you for your service brother. The plant is the only medicine that has ever worked for my depprwssion, anxiety, ptsd, and even sleep apnea, which I just was diagnosed with. I told my VA straight up that I smoked instead of taking all of their pills. They didn’t really have a problem, it was kind of like just do what helps. That’s exactly what she said. If it’s working for you keep doing it, but I can’t condone it. Haha
I can’t wait for them to realize that it helps so many people and not everyone is like and wiz kalifa smoking by the pound


Also if you ever need anything or just need to vent or talk about anything just holler at me. I know there are just times when you wanna talk to someone that can understand what you’re goin through. Plus we’re neighbors, well sort of haha

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They repaired my shoulder with screws when I got hung from a helicopter by a rope that twisted my shoulder and tore two tendons in my rotator cuff. I applied for disability right after I got out and they wouldn’t even examine me. I was working at the time and when you are a P.A. they don’t give you time to go to the VA to get a disability hearing and exam. I went back with a lawyer this time. I cannot lift 10 lbs above my shoulder since the surgery in 1986 and they would not give me ANY disability. Really sucks.

Damn brother I’m sorry to hear that. I hate the way our government teats us vets. It’s bull$#!+. We did everything to defend this country and when we get out they just piss all over us. We aren’t any use to them anymore. I have a pinched rotator cuff for 3 years before they finally did an mri on my shoulder and found it and then my bicep was so torn and shredded that durring the surgery her cut it from the rotator cuff and anchored it to my my arm just above my elbow. I was just diagnosed with sleep apnea and I highly doubt they will give my more rating for it because they’ll say how is it service connected. We’ll I didn’t have this problem till I out back from Afghanistan and my ptsd doesn’t help it at night

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Maybe trump will do what he said and start taking better care of this nations vets. We can only hope so, because 23 a day is out of control. Back in August I almost joined that statistic. I’m inviting all of the vets out there, if you ever find yourself in that place where there’s no light only darkness surrounding you, please reach out to me. I know that is a very scarry place in life, when you feel like you can’t go on anymore. Just talk to me, I don’t care when or what time. Just @ me. If you ever think you don’t have a way out or someone to talk to, that’s not true, I’m always here for my fellow brothers and sisters in arms and anyone else that finds themselves there. Please just reach out

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Sorry to hear that brother. A raw deal they are giving you. You are right, “we are of no use to them anymore”. The bad thing is that they seem to forget “We are the reason they have a job” ! !

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We are the reason they have the right to treat us like shit on the sidewalk l, ya know.

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I feel your pain my friends they need to do something with the VA system the way it is set up because it sucks ass the people who need it don’t get it and the people who don’t need It get it it’s an absolute joke

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I’m a Viet Nam veteran and I gave up on the VA helping me 30 years ago. Most of the people there just don’t care!


Panama vet here. VA sux. PTSD is truly controlled with my ladies.:sunglasses:


Do any of y’all have a service dog? I have found that a dog kinda take the edge off when she is around.

She’s half chocolate lab and half red nose pit and she’s 14 months old and weighs 70 pounds haha


Not a vet of any kind but me and a few guys i work with do what we can to help vets around our part we even do the daily pushups for the 23 a day


Hell yeah brother. We gotta get together some time a chill

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Got a very demanding job brother how bout you

I understand that. I don’t work right now, I tried to work right after I got out, but I had some ptsd flashbacks at the prison on my pod and I had to give it up. It was an awesome job, but for now I’m just trying to get my mental stuff together before I enter the force again. I am helping my aunt and gma, both are dealin with alzheimer’s or dementia it’s a horrible disease

I want to work in the worst way but cannot stay on my feet for 8 hours due to lung problems and a knee injury that occurred while I was on active duty. I stay current in medicine (I was a Physician Assistant) but cannot work. Of course, the VA has said that all my injuries were not service related despite I have paperwork proving that it did happen on active duty. I even had major surgery that left me with only partial use of my right arm after the surgery. Yes I am right handed! The VA still said it was not service related. Can’t seem to win no matter what I do. If I hadn’t gotten Social Security Disability I would have nothing to live on. Frustrated does not even begin to cover what I feel.

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Damn brother, I hate the way this country treat it’s vets. Have you tried to write your governor or congressman about it? I don’t know if I could help, but they might be able to do somethin

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It did nothing when I contacted them. I was not important enough for them to help apparently. Well one of them should have listened to me. My friends and I got together and had the congressman get defeated. Not totally sure if we made that much difference but he knew about me and my friends after the election.

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Excellent, even if it just got someone’s attention you did something at least