Underwater or Overwatered? Yellow tips? Help!

I have quite a few questions any help would be greatly appreciated! Plants are Bruce banner Autos, under mars hydro T600, fox farm happy frog soil, have a slight breeze hitting them.

  1. Over watered or underwatered?
  2. Why is one tip yellow, do they need or need less of something?
  3. What’s a good watering schedule and how much each time?
  4. I have fox farm trio of nutrients waiting to be used but not sure exactly when?
  5. Seeds were planted after germinating directly into five gallon buckets, will the roots keep growing and use all the nutrients from the entire soil, or will I have to add nutrients soon? (Bigger plant is about three weeks old, smaller is about 2.)
  6. Leaves on both are droopy and some bend down/ plus have wilted leaves on the edges of the leaf.

Sorry for all the questions guys, I just really wanna get it fixed and right I’m worried about both but my smaller on especially! Thank you!!

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Welcome to the community @kjcarr24
Look like soil is dry but is easy to see if you plants need water or is over watering if you pot are light need water if is heavy and leaf of you plants are down is over watering look so far you plant is stress by the light but @oldmarine and @MrPeat and @Caligurl they can help you

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The thing about over/under watering is they look the same. Both are bad for your plant, but over watering can be worse. I do a flood/drought schedule on watering.

When the plants are seedlings, I use an eyedropper to apply a few mls of water at the base every day. After a few weeks, I start giving the plant more water. I give them 6 ounces a day with a good soak every week or so. Once the plant is truly in veg, I’ll start giving them a cup and a half of water per gallon of medium every other day or so. Every week or so I give them a good soak.

As the plant grows it will start uptaking more water. When this happens, I increase the amount of water while trying to maintain the same frequency of watering.

I’ve grown weed outdoors for years before I decided to bring it inside. I’ve always hated flower pots. When I started, I decided to use fabric pots. I recommend them to everybody. it’s almost impossible to over water in them and the root growth is phenomenal.


One it looks dry. One way I use more water than needed is to start a couple inches away from the main stem. I start adding to the near the end. Make those roots search for water. This will help the roots to develop and give stability to the plant as it gets bigger.

Here is Fox Farms Feeding Chart for Soil.

Now when it comes to adding nutrients is dependent on your grow medium. I grow in FFOF top dressed with FFHF so I can go 4 to 6 weeks before I think about adding nutrients since its new soil.

Once depleted you can start adding nutrients after like a week from sprouting.

Example photo in how I water. Being grown in partially depleted soil so I have not used any nutrients yet. Nothing is wrong so I leave it be. This plant broke surface on Nov 11th.