Trying to sex for the first time

I’ve got 3 mystery plants in trying to sex and I just want some other opinions. Each set of nose pics is followed by a pic of the entire plant.


The bottom one is a female. Give the others a couple more days…


Watch this one…hard to tell for sure at this angle, but.


oldmarine got you covered on this. bottom for sure looks good the others i would keep an eye on.

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Looks like last 2 are females but the others aren’t showing either way… You’ll know in a week or sooner


I’d be concerned about 1 & 2, keep an eye on 3, and 4 is a lady.


Just to clarify, first 3 pics are one plant, second 3 are another, and 3rd set are the last one. So the consensus so far seems to be the last one is a female, first 2 are possibly male but wait and see? It’s good news if that’s the case, the last one is the biggest plant.

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Yeah. Last set of 3 photos is obvious lady parts.


Plant 1 an 2 I would be concerned about Watch them close next couple days. the last plant is a female.

Pictures #5 &6 look male 1-3 too early to tell. The last 3 pictures are female

The fourth pic rhe plant looks male but the others look female to me

So I think you guys were correct. These pics are a week into flowering, first 2 are the alleged males last one is the alleged female. Just want to get one last set of opinions before I yank these 2 out.

Correction, first is the alleged female, last 2 are the alleged males.

Yes. The alleged males are not alleged at all. They are males and dangerously close to spilling pollen

get a garbage bag and carefully place it over the plant. Bag that sucker. Rinse and repeat for plant 2.