Trimming - trim leaves now or wait til cured?

I’ve trimmed two of my plants and am drying/curing them now at 68-72 degrees and with around 60% humidity. My question has to do with trimming… can I trim now or should I wait til the leaves are dry?

PRos and cons of each approach if any?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts and assistance.

I do a rough trim before drying and a final trim after dried. Pros and cons? I don’t know. It’s just what has been easiest for me.


Wet trimming is much easier. Those pesky sugar leaves tend to recede into the bud during drying, and can cause a harsh taste.

Trim before drying (“wet trim”) when…

  • You’re worried about mold
  • You have high humidity (above 60% RH)
  • There’s a lot of buds drying in a small space
  • You otherwise want buds to dry more quickly

Trim after drying (“dry trim”) when…

  • You’re not worried about mold
  • You have low humidity (below 45%RH)
  • You want buds to dry more slowly (buds drying too fast is the #1 cause of “hay smell”)
  • You want buds to be “tighter” or more dense
  • You don’t mind buds losing their color vibrance (dry trim buds tend to lose their green/purple/color and take on shades of brown or tan)

Welcome back , I also do a rough wet trim Mostly fan leafs An a final dry trim. Take into consideration the more you trim the quicker it’s going to dry. Most everybody’s environment and situation is a Little different. Good luck


I started out wet trimming. Perfectly manicuring the buds before being hung to dry. It is a tough job when you leave them on the stem. I don’t like to dry buds on a rack. Personally I found dry trimming to be more efficient. Now I do a once over. Get rid of anything with long stems and bigger leaves in the bud that is easy to get too. The amount and location of what I take at this point depends on drying conditions and how I am going to dry it. I final trim for curing when dry enough. I trim over a trim tray to collect the trichomes.
These got a bud bath. I did the rough trim then and hung them to dry.

This gives a general idea of what it looks like before final trim. I have broken down the larger stems into more manageable sizes.

Ready for the jar. I leave a lot of sugar leaves because that is my wife’s preference. No problem, less work.


I take fan leaves off and then hang and after it dries i dry trim


It comes down to personal preference really

I wet trim and try to adjust my drying environment to get as slow as dry as possible without creating a mold situation.

Here’s what mine look like after a rough trim.


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For the OP…yes you can do a wet trim then finish it off before putting them them in grove bags, mason jars or whatever else you use.

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Thank you, @MrPeat!

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