Trim storage and fan leaf value

I have 2 harvest-related questions today…

I have 3 plants that are almost ready to harvest. It looks like they will each be ready about a week apart, so spread out over a 3-4 week period. How should I store the trim while waiting for the next plant? Should I put it in a ziploc bag, leave it out to dry, freeze it, etc?

The other question I have is related to fan leaves. Lots of them are turning yellow and drying up as the plants are consuming their last nutrients. As I was plucking them off today I wondered, “Is there any value to the fan leaves? Should I be saving them as part of my trim?”

Freezing them is pretty popular if you intend to go back and use for budder or extraction. In which case something like gallon ziplock bags will do. I usually gave that stuff to someone else. So not exactly sure which is best from there.

I never saved fan leaves, would just toss them in my compost bin. Someone else may have a use for them.


I agree with @dbrn32 toss the fan leaves. I don’t use those for anything personally. But all the other trim, little /wispy buds, sugar leaves etc, I put in to vacuum seal bags then store them in my freezer. I use my leftover trim (once I accumulate enough) to make bubble bag hash. Have a good afternoon.


store in an air tight container, place it in a cool and dark place,
u can store it for years like that,

idk about freezing it, never tried, too much food in there for trim to fit.!
i have read that freezing temps and hot temps can degrade dried/stored bud…???
of course trim is a bit different.!

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I dry my trim in a cardboard box for a week, then bag it & freeze it.


I thought of another related question. Rather than start a new thread, I thought I would just add to this one:

What about storing kief?

same thing…cool, dry, dark place.!
it will keep for years sealed up and placed in a root cellar.!