Trichomes SSH week 6

So took some magnified close-ups of the leaves. Not a very good job but maybe enough for some of you to comment on how they might be doing

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They are looking good, about 5-6 more weeks and your trichomes should be cloudy/milky and on the verge of changing Amber, and you wanna watch the flowers lol

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Yup I agree with my friend @Majiktoker.
But they do look Temptings


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How are ya my friend

I’m doing fine and you

I’m doing alright, tomorrow I’m gunna upload some pictures to you, I have one I wanna upload to you tonight in our pm, I’ll upload it now it’s of the auto assassin, 2 northern lights, master kush, blue amnesia, and the Panama red

On my way my friend

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You should be ready to start your flush in about 3-4 weeks

That’s correct you called that one on the nose…lol

Lol i know, we gotta wise guy here :wink:, seriously though I thought that was about right