Totally in the dark

Blue dream auto. Indoor grow. In closet that’s 4x4 8ft ceiling. 4 plants at most less if people think it’s best. I really don’t have room a tent. I just need a supply list. Totally in the dark here. Thanks in advance.

Basic things are a light, exhaust fans, intake/air movement fans, hygrometer.
Obviously you’ll need some kind of ducting depending on where you dump your used air and things actually associated with growing, but working in unique spaces sometimes requires unique things.
So in all honesty, who knows what you need?
But those are the most basic of things.

edit: Maybe some pics will spark some ideas.

What’s the easiest least expensive start up kits found. I mean where do I look. Trustworthy sites

Amazon has tons of stuff available across the price spectrum, most of their kits include the tent though. Not sure if they sell one without. But those kits can give you a pretty good idea of everything you need and you can build a shopping list from there.

If I wasn’t buying an HLG light I’d consider Spider Farmer or Mars Hydro for something cheaper. You’ll find all kinds of claims but lights are the most crucial investment to getting good buds really.
You need everything else too but don’t skimp on lights if you can avoid it.
HLG has 15% off through the weekend and factory refurbed models at a discount.
I think DUDE is the discount code otherwise.

Don’t use a starter kit they’re usually 1 or 2 good things and 3-5 knockoffs.
2 hlg 300 rspecs ( or 260 xls) or a Mars hydro 3000 w or hlg diablo.
Oscillating fan
Apera ph pen
Digital outlet timer
5 gallon fabric pots
Coco coir
Jacks 321
Digital kitchen scale that does grams
Ph down
6 in ac infinity exhaust fan
6 inch ducting
Optional 6 inch carbon filter
Something to use as pot bottoms and wire racks or a system to collect run off

It depends on what ur budget for lights cause lights are one of the most important decision to make u will need a 6 inch exhaust system and one or two wall fans for air circulation a humidifier good test pens for ph and ppm temp gauge and humidity gauge and depending on what nutrients your goin with get ur self some good nutrients if ur goin with bottled nutrients and if ur goin organic jacks 321 or Gaia Green , natures living soil

Don’t get start up kits u pay mostly for a garbage light. Try and find a good light to cover the 4x4. Do an u have a budget to light a rx4 area good with descent light ur looking to spend atleast 750 or more for just lights unless u go the cheaper brands pH and ppm meters are a must also so to start if u want good lights for light exhaust intake pH and ppm meters soil or coco pots to grow In and nutrients ur looking at an easy 1500 prolly at low end to get a good start and u’ll notice as I go and see others setups that u need more. It quickly adds up I’ve been just over a year or so and have 10k invested or more. It’s worth it tho super fun and enjoyable to me. Welcome and good luck

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10k? WTF? That’s a ridiculous amount of money for a home garden!
I’ve got 2 complete set-ups, with HLG, Spider Farmer, AC Infinity, Apera PC60, etc., etc etc and I’m no where near 10k!
Maybe 2500-3k total!
With 10k to burn through I could have turned my entire 2 car garage into an AWESOME garden!

To the OP, while it does add up quickly, and will probably cost more than you think all in, you DO NOT need to spend 10k to grow awesome weed at home!
I just find that insane!
But hey, if that’s what you want to spend I’m not knocking you and I certainly hope you’re getting what you want from it, but point-blank - you DO NOT need to spend 10k to grow VERY GOOD, top notch weed at home!! WOW!

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The first plants are the most expensive since you will be investing items that you can reuse for later grows.

I think the responses above gave you an idea of what is needed. Here is a list of items off the top of my head. I apologize if it is redundant.

My second tent setup ran me about $800 total - I did splurge for an HLG light kit.

Basics: Tent, Light, Exhaust Fan, Carbon Filter, a couple of fans for air circulation.

Growing: Medium (there are a lot of great ready to plant brands of soil out there), containers (many here use fabric bags), nutrients, plant saucers-make sure plants are not sitting in water), decent pH pen (I have an Apera 20), TDS meter, plant tags if you grow different strains, a decent source of water. There are also other great medium techniques like coco or hydroponics systems.

Temperature Humidity control: Temperature and RH meter, humidifier (only if you are in an arid area-I have been getting by with hanging two wet towels), heater/AC-again only necessary if you are growing in a cold or hot environment.

Harvest: jewelers loop, trimmers, bottles+boveda packs OR grove bags. I used Tupperware at first and then just saved glass jars from salsa and pasta sauces after that. Mason jars have nearly doubled in price.

Most important: Patience. If you have questions please reach out to the community. All of us started with our first grow and want yours to be a success!

Read through grow journals and all the ILMG guides. Use the search function for specifics. There are great threads which cover a wide variety of subjects.

Start off easy and adjust your style with each grow-you will find your rhythm and what works best for you!

Other: rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, plant yo-yos to hold up colas when they start falling over, a grow journal. You can start one on this site. I like to keep a paper notebook also.

Pest control: mosquito bits and yellow sticky traps for aphids and captain Jack’s dead bug for spider mites.

I am sure others can add more things I missed.

Best to you!