Too much direct sunlight?

Yep. That’s it. Just want to know if your outdoor plant can get TOO MUCH direct sunlight. I noticed one of my outdoor plants was looking a little sad after about 9 hours in direct sunlight so I moved them into a shady spot for the remainder of the day and they seemed to be much happier.
Thanks for the info!
Oh, btw. It was about 86 degrees Fahrenheit today.


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I wish I had an answer but with only one true outdoor grow I don’t have enough expertise. I set up an unused side yard for this years grow. We’ll see how it goes.

They get 4 hours direct sun and all ambient light from sunrise to sunset.

Best to you my friends.


And to you! Thank you! Maybe we will both learn something from this thread? :grinning:

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I hope so @ShockDog !

I try to improve each grow. I will say my best harvest was from a plant in dappled sunlight most of the day. Could have just been a strain that liked less heat and light.

Glad you are here!

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Hey! Good for you. Are you an Angelino?
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As far as the original question goes it would depend on how the plant was grown.
If its in full direct light since it was sprouted it should be fine. Cannabis can adapt to any lighting outside. But if its transplanted or moved around it may not be “Hardened” to the point where it can take all day sun. I have many plants in the garden and on very hot days late in the day I see them sometimes drooping a bit. Not long after sundown, but before dark, they will perk up. Having them in containers restricts the available water for a large plant and they cant pull enough to replace transpired water. So each plant and circumstance is different. If its seriously drooping then I would find a place with periods of shaded indirect light.


Thanks, Spiney. I appreciate the input.