To mulch or not to mulch that is the question!


Mulching your outside garden and around trees and shrubs are common practice these days and we all know the benefits of doing so.

What most don’t do is apply mulch to their potted plants.
Here are a few articles discussing mulching potted plants and why or why not to do it and some guidelines if you decide to mulch them.
Would love to hear from anyone with additional information or feedback from experience on mulching.

I used mulch on my first grow and it worked out great. I am using it on my second grow as well. Unless there is a compelling reason not to use mulch I will be using it moving forward on all my living soil grows.

Thanks and HAGD

First grow using Worm Poo as medium
Monk's first try

Would you bye chance know of a plant dichotomy key that tells you what nutrients the plant holds. I’m trying to find out what is in what for making a natural tea with what is around me any help is appreciated i have a plant key but it just identify the plant not tell me what it holds.


Would like to help you just not clear on what you are looking for or asking about.
As far as making AACT (actively aerated compost teas) there are many explanations and recipes on the forum. Check out the soil building section there are many good articles and posts available there that may help with some of your questions

Hope this helps and feel free to ask questions you still might have.


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At the cannabis regenerate conference i got to talk to the Dem pure people and learned alot they said identify what is on your land to use for teas. Ok like one of their example is skunk cabbage is good for a natural source of silica and they grow it for that. So where do i find out what a plant stores so i can see what I can use on my land for free and see what I need to plant hope this explains better of what i am trying to do


Gotcha @ThcinKC

I know there are videos out there that do go into what you are asking.
You can put greens and browns in a bucket of water and stir it several times throughout the day or use an air stone and pump to keep it aerated to minimize any anaerobic process.
I’ve tried this before and forget to stir and it turns anaerobic and stinks and I end up dumping it out. The bubbler makes it easier.
You can use simple ingredients to make teas.
Worm poo, molasses, kelp etc etc to brew teas. Much info at the link I provided above.
As far as what plants in ones yard provides what in the tea I don’t have a handle on that. I do know for example cutting up banana peels and soaking them in water for several days will give you a good bit of potassium in the solution that can the be used to feed the soil. Many ways to repurpose things for growing.
Get a worm bin to recycle your food scraps and then you can have free worm poo to use for soil building and feeding by top dressing and as a ingredient for teas.

I am currently attempting to grow a plant from seed to flower using worm poo as my main ingredient mixed with perlite and Diatomaceous Earth and see if she can finish with just watering and not adding any nutrients.

Much to read
Much to learn
I’m still figuring this stuff out by reading all I can from many sources and then if something grabs my attention and makes sense to me I’ll verify things by searching and researching more to confirm from multiple sources and then move forward if it is.

Don’t take my info as gospel as I’m not all that but am willing to share what I believe to be one way to do it and there are many ways to the same end.

Hope this helps and HAGD

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Thanks I’m trying to do the same and there seems to be a information overload and some other things that i have no clue about. But i figure if i could do 2 closed loop for a farm or small garden im winning but getting the wright information is another thing some you tube videos are crazy. Im more apt to trust people on here because we show real results with what we do. I thank you for your time and help with this. 🖒🖒🖒