Timer / Controller? for a 220v Light

Hello Dudes/ Dudettes,

I figured out how to run a 220 Volt wire + outlet to my room I will grow in. In doing that I totally spaced on how I was going to run a light schedule.
I guess my options are buy a light controller that runs multiple lights (like a titan controller) or hardwire in a mechanical timer to the 220 volt line and wire back out an outlet.

Just wondering if anyone has had experience with running a 220v light on a timer / controller or something else I could do?

I have the HLG Scorpion Diablo.

Use a timer made for appliances like a water heater/tank

Yeah that’s what I was thinking that too. Something like this

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Yep there are digital ones to if you like

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Thanks bud! Yeah I’m gonna find a digital. Appreciate it