Timeline to transfer seedlings from artificial light to outdoors

I was hoping somebody could help me? I germinated my seeds and put them in soil one week ago. They have been under cfl tubes 24 hours a day for a week. The seedlings are approximately 1-2” long just with 2 round leaves and two serrated leaves. I live in Southern California. My questions are when can I plant outside? and do I keep them under these light till it’s time to go outside? If I put them out now, being a week old, do I have to worry about them starting to flower? Like I Stated previously, the are a week old under 24 hours a day lighting. Thank you kindly in advance for your help. Regards, Ed

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Hi Ed,

I’m in so cal. My thoughts are, you are a touch early, but not much you can do. If you keep them under 16 or more hours, and put outside before summer solstice, plants will flower.

If it was me I would go ahead and put outside n a week. Hopefully your plants won’t flower yet. My feeling is plants aren’t monitoring day light hours, per se, until 3/4 week mark.

So, starting them under 24 hours is not so bad.

Your plants will get big and long in the tooth, so you might want to be prepared to clone them, instead of having one really large plant 5-10 clones will probably be more manageable. Assuming you are growing in pots, a plant going that long needs lots of roots and nutrients, so clones taken in early May would be my plan.

If you have any questions you can tag me by putting @ in front of my screen name, like @Ehms.

I grow outdoor in so cal year round.

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Thank you so much, I really appreciate your help. I turned my lights off the seedlings and look to move them outdoors tomorrow, pending no rain storms, as it’s raining right now. Thanks again and feels good to know I can contact you if need be. Where about in So Cal are you?