Thoughts on Harvest time

I just changes chemicals and realized this may be time to harvest after reading. Do you think it’s time to flush?

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What are the trichomes telling you? They look a little early if going off the pistil color, but the trichomes will give a more accurate picture of where you’re at


With the best magnifying lens I have they look cloudy white


If you wait until you see 10-20% amber it will be just right if you want couch lock,let it go longer.

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When you see amber start flush? Or do I flush now? How long recommend for hydro flush time frame? I’m seeing from 2 days-2 weeks. Thanks

I wouldn’t start to flush until I saw amber on the trichomes on the buds. Don’t go off of the trichomes in the sugar leaves, they will mature faster than the ones on the buds themselves :v::bear: