The Mandaweedian Manifold!

I agree with beardless, healthy but needing to stretch a little. I can see something very close at the top of pic, if that’s your light raise up to between 18-24 "

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That is the shield of parchment paper I have over the plant as I’m not able to adjust my light height at the moment and without the shield the plant burns. I will hopefully have my tent setup soon and will be able to fully adjust everything.

I have some health issues that make walking, bending, lifting, etc very hard to almost impossible some days, so I’m working with what I currently have setup, otherwise tent would already be up before germination.

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Day 16, look at that growth, Hoorah!

Was thinking about it, and with how I’m going to be using that manifold method her staying low and growing wide now will be great, can get the width that I want for the main branches for the pattern and spacing without having to train with stakes as much. Will be able to make them stretch for the light later, or keep her stout so I don’t have to have her on the floor. Lol

Got her moved into the closet today, wife decided the 3x3x6 tent I got is too big, so she’s ordering me a 2x2x4 tent to use for now. So bellow is the current setup till the new tent gets here later this week. The close up pic is blurry, I’m sry, but you can still see how short she is compared to how many leaves she has already. The light is way up high right now to encourage her to grow upwards some. I’ll probably also be transplanting into a 3 gal fabric pot tonight too.

Hey @beardless how early is too early to clip the top? I’m already at three nodes, and some of the lower branches have already started splitting at their nodes. The third picture is after being transplanted to her final 3gal home.

In using either Nugbuckets Mainline or Nebula’s Manifold, ideally the plant is allowed to grow to 5 or six nodes. This gives it adequate root mass and strength to have a strong base to feed the plant. All of the plant’s energy is directed to the two branches making the manifold. So it grows quickly and a strong base is required.
Below is an excellent resource for Nugbuckets Mainline method. I either use his method or more often I use Nebula’s Manifold. Nebula’s starts with Nugbuckets’ mainline but changes it a bit thereafter. Her method is a little simpler and a bit faster.
Reference: Growweedeasy DOT com/mainlining-nugbuckets

Overview of the Basics:
How to Use The Original Main-Lining Technique
(Starting from Seed)

Table of Contents

This is the beginning of a generic manifold. She grew to six nodes and was topped above the 4th.
At the bottom of the stem you can see the two cotyledon leaves and above them three nodes that have been pruned. This was done day 26 from sprout.
I did this to four plants. I think this one grew a little more than the other three and is the reason I topped above 4th rather than 3rd set of leaves.

Give you a little more time. Did you raise the light a couple inches so she will stretch a bit?
Have any questions I will try to help

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That helps a lot. Yes, the light is now about 18-24” away from the plant and even with transplanting she’s grown about 3/4” sense yesterday afternoon. I know that when I did the transplant The roots were all the way down to the bottom of the pot and wrapped all the way around the outside, and that’s a 6” pot at just over 2 weeks. Maybe that rapid rooter plug did help. I’ll take a picture later today for where the light is at.

Day 19

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Got the new tent setup and going this afternoon, took me way too long and still have to finish setting up the controls, but so far so good.
So far no pin holes either!

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Well guys the LST went great. She started to recover almost the next day, stems/ branches didn’t break and bent well, loosened up the stakes to check and they stayed almost straight out sideways on their own, but going to leave on for a while longer. The next leaves are growing in well and should start to explode now that the recovery is over. Can’t wait to see how she grows!!!
Got the fan all programmed today too so will keep it nicely around 75-78 degrees and going to work on getting the humidity stabilized next. Has been going up to mid 40s when I water and dropping down to low 30s between. Going to just start with a dish of water in there and see how that does before adding in a humidifier and dehumidifier.

Only thing I’m worried about now is the height of my light once she really started to grow upwards as I got a 48” tent and have maybe 12” left to adjust my light and will have to figure out a different way to hang it after another 6” height as the current hanger is a 6-8” drop. Any ideas for this would help.

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Hey @TheVirginian

So I adjusted my light height and it’s currently at about 15 inches and 33DLI. If I went up to 55-60 it would be 4-6 inches from the light and that seemed way too close as it was burning before at 10/11 inches. I will check it in about 4-5 hrs for signs of burning tho when I do my nightly watering. I also added a big mason jar of water to add some additional humidity in there as she was steady at 33 for almost the entire day, also attached is my day 26 pictures.

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Day 27!

Day 28!
Started the next bends to start training!

Day 29

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Hey @Tezza2, here’s my current grow!

Very nice @The_Cannabowlist u mainlined it i cant wait to see how it grows

@Tezza2 yeah, I’m going to try that Nebulas manifold and see how well she does. I don’t see many people growing non autos on here, which I feels just gives a lot more control and seems a lot more forgiving.

Yah for me like growing autos but i am thinking about doin a auto and a photoperiod nest run cause i would like to try mainlining and super cropping ,but with my autos i use alot of lst training probably alot more then other people do

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Day 30