The Mandaweedian Manifold!

So this is my day 5 seedling. It popped through the soil the day after planting, was praising the sun for day 3-4, and has evened out now. Don’t know if the color is off, it started out all purple when it broke through the soil and has gotten a lot greener sense then.
Box stays at around 78-80 degrees F. 24hrs light with Bestva 1500 series led light, I have a fan blowing into the box to keep temp and humidity lvl inside the box down. I have a 4x4 tent to transfer to next.
I took photos of it in my starter box, under the grow lights, and out of the box under normal lighting. I am partially red/green color blind, so yeah…


I am wondering about the light. Will it also follow the plant into the 4x4?
Only one plant in the 4x4?
The Bestva is 260w with both switches on. This will be adequate for one plant or around 2x3 space. I know, Bestva says it is will bloom a space of 4x4.5, don’t rely on it.
If you have followed on this forum for any amount of time I am sure you have run across HLG. Its 250W model 260 rspec will cover 2x4 or 3x3 using top quality diodes.
I have a Bestva 600. It is a nice light for the right situation.
I just don’t want you to expect more from the light than it can deliver.
If you have questions - knowledgeable members are only a post away.
The seedling looks good. Probably don’t need the plastic bag any longer. It looks to be established

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Be careful not to overwater. Seedlings need very little water. A few ml of water a day will get the trick done.

Yeah, it’s just a cheap intro light, and yes it will be following into the bigger tent. My plan is to top this when it’s beg enough and then grow the top as a new plant next to this one. I currently only have the veg light on as I didn’t want to give it too much light. I was planning on taking the bag off with tonight’s watering. I mainly left it on this long for it to get well established as the pot is clay at 6” is a bit big for the seedling.

I have been using a squirt bottle on mist and have one corner of the bag cut and clamped so I can stick the nozzle in and give 2-3 squirts ever 12 hrs. It’s tap water for now with a PH adjusted to 6-7. I bought the fox farms triple pack for nutes when I start them next week at 1/2 strength. I was also planning on alternating what I’m giving. Probably use a rotation feeding between plain water, rapid grow, and big bloom to help avoid burn and then can adjust if any deficiencies show up.

Yeah that is what I thought given the color in the picture. Down the road it will make a good seed starter & veg light. With both switches on it will get you quite a ways into veg.
I see about topping. You are going to try to use a clone as your second plant. That will be tough to do. It takes a couple weeks for the clone to establish roots. Meanwhile the mother keeps growing. If you go with a full manifold on the mother, it will buy you a liitle more time to establish the clone. But you will need to flower the clone fairly early and probably only let it grow one or two colas.
Another way is to grow out a bunch of cuttings. But flip the mother early. You can check out my current grow at Another Clone SOG and TBD That thread is about growing out 11 clones plus 2 I threw in the garden.

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What do you mean by “full manifold on the mother”?
I was planning on having a second light by the time the mother got to the flowering stage so I can grow the clone on its own light. Will just have to figure out the training so I can divide the room later without having to worry about space for each plant.

What do you mean by “flip the mother early”?

Another though I had was to let the mother grow till she has substantial size and then take everything to make a bunch of clones and grow them as a batch.

Sorry for just throwing terms out there. Manifold is a pruning and training technique made popular by Nugbuckets. Google Nugbuckets Manifold to learn about a very productive method

Another manifold technique that was refined by her is Nebula’s Mainline. I use both.

this means to shorten the time you let a photoperiod plant stay in veg. Meaning, rather than changing the light schedule to 12/12 after eight weeks you change the lights (flip) at five weeks. Done frequently in Sea of Green grows - lots of plants filling up its allotted space. Or if you have a small space to grow in.

I know people have divided a 4x4 into two separate spaces. It would make me nervous about light leaks into the flower space.

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Damn is all I have to say after that google search you sent me on! I’m going to do that manifold on it and then use some of my bonsai wires to span them out and make a nice uniform menorah and put the light at a 45ish degree angle at it.

He called this a fluxed bonsai

All Grown up

Artistry by Arrow. He has a huge thread with lots of his work and knowledge sharing Arrow’s labour of love

I have two in my 3x3 tent


That’s an ILGM Zkittlez being grown/flowered under the very same light as yours. I have another flowering a bag seed Super Lemon Haze. Once your seedling gets to a solid vegetative state, like 14"-18", put on both switches for the remainder of the grow :wink: these lights are plenty adequate. They are dual chip and 10W each instead of the 3W/5W standard even in the HLGs. Maybe that, and/or their “optical lense technology” the way it downcasts HELPS. I just know they will do ONE plant each, just fine all the way through. CAN you get a bigger/better/(WAY more expensive) light and get a little more yield/density? sure! Depends on what you’re after man. If your goals are biggest/best then these may not be what you keep but if your goal is to grow very nice dense nugs, and depending on how you TRAIN them, yield a nice yield they will do just fine. About the ONLY thing i CANNOT compare, is efficiency. I don’t have an HLG in the 195W range (What these 1500series ACTUALLY are, from the wall, each) to compare to (or an HLG at all for that matter).image

what i DO have, is 5W more in another fixture. A Barrina Quantum Board 200W Full Spectrum, a much “whiter” light overtop of this one, and it as well is perfectly adequate (same price as, but twice the wattage of HLG 135) This is an ILGM Sunset Sherbet image

By the very advice of many of the most knowledgeable HERE, what matters is W per Sq Ft. (50W/sqft) and in a 2x2 (ONE plant), that would be 200W. What you and I have in the BestVA 1500 Series IS suitable, as is the 200W Barrina I have, hence why they’re responding/performing so well under them. The OTHER, and MAJOR thing, some might say the MOST important as i’ve learned here from @dbrn32 , is DLI. Getting the HEIGHT of your light right to where it’s giving you the proper DLI range depending on which stage you’re in (Veg/Flowering). Happy growing :slight_smile:

EDIT* i grew two Girl Scout Cookie plants (Olsen Twins) under those two BestVA lights most of the way then put one under the Barrina for comparison between the two and BOTH (with lots of lst and training, topping/fimming on some stalks, etc) looked like beautiful cattails of buds but yielded about 2oz each. they were BAG seed though and my bag seeds OUTside in the SUN, only yielded the same so i can’t blame the lights for that :wink: Genetics seems to make a huge difference and these PURCHASED seeds are doing beautifully (i think) under them :wink:


ALso forgive my rudeness in forgetting to welcome you to the forum community :slight_smile:

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The point I was trying to make was to not think that light will flower a 4x4 space. 30"x30" it will do fine.
I mean look at these plurple beaties. Bestva 600 on the left and the other is a King Plus 600. Each is 125 - 130 watts. They did get some help from a 4’ Kind flower bar.

I replaced those lights with a Sonofarm SF4000 that I run at 80%


Oh no doubt brother, sorry if that came across brash or argumentative in ANY way. I was just reassuring the OP that ONE plant, will do PERFECTLY fine all the way through to harvest under his BestVA1500 Series fixture :wink: :slight_smile:

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not all. Both are making the same point.
I see so many post about someone being ready to harvest and asks why are my buds fluffy.

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@beardless @TheVirginian @MidwestGuy

You guys rock and are giving me great advice and I appreciate it a lot! Has totally changed my plan for this grow. I have another 6 seeds for after this plant is harvested is why I have a 4x4 tent. I plan on getting more and better lights down the road. Got the upgraded 1500 with the Samsung LEDs in it. I have a little 12” fluorescent that I will probably be using for me seedlings from now on.
That Fluxed Bonsai pattern looks amazing and looks easy enough to do with the stuff I already have!



Was wondering what height you would recommend I have this light from the plant? From the light booklet it says about 18” but everything else I have read said that with the low heat from the LEDs I can put it 4”-5” away and be safe. Here she is this morning after having the bag off all night.

I would set the light at 18" with veg only light on. It is important to then see how the plant reacts. I look to see if the spacing between the nodes (leaf stems) is more than I want. If they are I will lower the light 2". I don’t want a tall skinny weak plant that is stretching for light. On the hand you do not want it so close it burns the tender new leaves.
New seedlings just don’t need a lot of light. I use a growcraft X1 mini veg spectrum that is only 64 watts. I even raise that up to 12" and dim it for new sprouts.

It’s at around 16” right now with only the veg light in, until I get my tent set up it’s just a box lined with aluminum foil and waxed baking paper for a waterproof bottom, so adjusting the height is questionable right now. I have noticed that the first set of rounded leaves have been staying straight out sideways for the most part and the first set of ribbed leaves be between straight out and almost straight up after I water. I’m also on 24 hrs, should I switch to 20/4?
She hasn’t grown upwards that much, the stem is nice and strong from when I give it a light wiggle when I water twice a day. The first ribbed leaves just keep getting longer and broader, still purple around the edges and green in the center. The second set of ribbed leaves are growing in too.

So I measured and it was only 11” and not 16, so I built a little sun shade for her so she still gets radiant light but not the intense direct light as she looks like she is starting to burn.

My little sunshade

And lastly, here is the difference with the grow light on, not nearly as much light, and can always raise the shade up for more light.

Ohhhh, I also busted out my timer and she is now in a 20/4 cycle and I started her on the dark cycle right away when I noticed the burning.