Temperatures for sunbathing

I have several plants (White Widow, Monster Pebbles, Green Crack, Alaskan Purple) that I propagated in Jan. They will go outside into 30 gallon pots toward the end of May when there is no longer any chance of frost. Meanwhile, they will stay inside in small pots under LEDs until May, but the lights are poor quality and growth is very slow. To help them along, I want to put them outside when its sunny in the afternoons. I need to know what the lowest temperatures are that I can do that; put them out to sunbathe for a few hours in the afternoons when its sunny. Today, as an example it is about 6 celsius (43 farenheit) and sunny, it it too cold?

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I think temps you don’t want to get in the 50’s or lower. Cold temps will slow the growth down big time.

Lets tag @Myfriendis410 as he may know. Sorry you was the first name that popped up.

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43F is way too cold, under 60 is too cold.


Yeah: I’d worry if the temps get in the low 60’s indoors. Some folks run the temps down to bring out colors but biological processes slow down so that affects nutrient uptake and growth.

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Thanks all, will wait till it’s warmer out and just put them in the window sills till then.