Swollen calyxes or pollen sac?

Need some help on on determining weather these are pollen sacs or calyxes? Any help would be appreciated I really don’t want to throw it out spent too long lst ING it lol

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1st pic looks to be a female. The other 2 pics didn’t upload. You’ll need to let pictures fully upload before hitting reply.

Sorry phone spazzed out lol

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@Maddogg like @MidwestGuy said, its female. Good job, those are some nice bud sites forming. Those are just swollen calyx. It would have shown its sex long before now and would have been very apparent if you had pollen sacks (balls) vs calyx throwing pistols.

I only see 1 calyx that is even questionable. The rest is clearly female. I’m not certain that the questionable calyx is really a problem. The rest of the calyxes have hairs (pistils.) The tips are clearly female.

It’s not uncommon for a female plant to produce a couple of seeds.


Oh okay cheers for the replies guys :+1:t2: Thats good to know i dont want to be losing all of my grow ,thats a fem gg clone so would be quite weird for it to get sacks when its indoor with 2 other fem blue dreams,

I don’t see any issues either. How far in to flowering are you?

Week 6 just started the pk booster


@Maddogg like @MidwestGuy said, looks like a seed site to me. I’ve pulled some off one of mine that’s well into flower. Seeds caused from stress is my guess. Here’s a pic of some on my plants

Not a bad thing IMO as they will be feminized seeds from what I’ve researched.