Support and Some Help from My Friends?

I am new and have some concerns. Possibly, I look too much and try to tinker.

Strain; Bag Seed or possibly Sunshine Daydream…found in Rx Stash

Soil In Pots

System Type NA

Ph Of Runoff Or Solution In Reservoir 7.2

What Is Strength Of Nutrient Mix? NA


Light System 2 - 60W SpotGros, 1- LED 100W full spectrum and 60W CFL’s

Temps; 74F day 75F nite

Humidity; 55% day 50% nite

Ventilation System; No

Ac, Humidifier, De-humidifier, NA

Co2; No

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Welcome ! I would start by verifying my pH meter in a clean fresh bottle of 7ph solution .And if pH run off is 7.2 PH I would focus on trying to get it down to around 6.5 PH . The couple single leaves on the bottom looking beat up they’re going to die and fall off anyway.


It’s hard to see what’s going on in the pics, but pH of 7.3 is far too high for soil. You should be aiming at pH 6.2-6.8, with 6.5 being the sweet spot.
Also, if you’re using one of those inexpensive prong probes to measure pH, it’s not accurate enough. They usually read pH 7-ish no matter what.

Are you using a pot-for-a-pot soil?


As said check ph but also how much/often are you watering? Looks like it could be overwatered.

:point_up_2: what they All said. Work on getting your PH down and go from there.

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