Super Nova & AK47

Chopping This weekend, she has been in the blurple tent for about 3 weeks since I had trouble with timers in the other tent with the Marshydro lights, now it has the Super Nova in it drying


Nice colas!!!

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Thanks Axman, it’s going dark in the morning, chopping Saturday

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I have some getting close as well. 2ish weeks. They need to hurry this man is about dry. Gave away a bunch to a relative for pain relief, a few tumors on the brain and surgery will do that. Thats the AK, right? I haven’t had AK in a long time. Always fire.

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Sorry to here about your kin, I understand that, I give some away to a buddy of mine that really helps with pain. Yes it’s AK47 and man it’s starting to fall over, it’s smelling up the whole house, I love it hahahaha


@MyHd speaking of AKs - cut this one 12/26


Is that soil grow? I just got some from MSNL
You have a diary?

Soil - yes a mix of FF OF, compost, coco, perlite and other additives. I believe the recipe may be at the beginning of its grow journal: An auto, three photos and a clone

Really nice, just did the chop on mine,


That will fill up a jar. Very nice

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Beautiful Buds :heart_eyes: :+1:

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@TLC Here it is

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Nice Harvest Congrats :+1:t3:

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Jelly here, I want to Harvest. Dang thats nice looking.

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