Super Excited Newbie Here


Hi All,
I’ve been lurking for some time now, and I am finally ready to introduce myself. I purchased ILGM Amnesia Haze seeds earlier this month, and received them just in time for Christmas. (In fact, they are a Christmas present, to the hubby and me!) I decided to only start one seed to begin with, and see if I can keep it alive all the way to harvest before blowing a whole crop before it even gets anywhere. I tried growing some plants 20 years ago, but for whatever reason (I suspect not enough light) they all died within a month of sprouting. :frowning: So now that recreational cannabis is just about to become officially legal in my state (January 1st!), I’m trying again.

So… On December 24 I put one little seed in water for 24 hours.
On December 25 I saw it had a seam, and the bottom was starting to open. Then I took the seed out of the water and put it between two moist paper towels, under a full spectrum lamp to stay warm.
On December 26 it had a root tail, so I put it into a Jiffy peat pot with some organic seed starter soil. (As my username implies, I am actually very successful at starting herb seeds indoors). And I waited, and I talked to my little seed, and said nice things to it…
and this evening, December 28, my little seed is starting to raise its lovely little shoulders above the soil! Yay!

One other thing I did was, I draped a hand towel over my lamp, to help hold some of the warmth from the light in the space where the plant is (it’s so small right now I just have it on a book case). I also wrapped some aluminum foil around the jiffy pot, to help insulate it. Our house is rather on the cold side for trying to grow anything, as the hubby prefers to keep the room temperature below 65. I mist it with a water bottle a couple times a day, just to keep the soil surface moist.

In a couple of weeks, our younger son will go back to college, and not return until May, at which time we will move our lovely new house plant into his bedroom, close to the heater vent, and surrounded by more lamps. We also have purchased a warm air humidifier, should we need it. If all goes well, we should have reached harvest and have our son’s bedroom vacated again by the time he comes home for summer break. :slight_smile:

Growing Aloe Indoors

welcome to ILGM, . . . that’s awesome… make sure to post pics, we all love to see what fellow growers have growing


As you seem uncertain about your newest Adventure @Herbalist trust and believe there are enough people here to help you through and get you to where you’re going… so on that note , welcome to ilGM… Happy growing… If u have questions just ask :slight_smile:



Welcome to ILGM if you need any help just @ me I’m up never really sleep good luck and happy growing.


Sounds great! Welcome!
Question though, since you mentioned that u believe your last growing experiment went south due to low lighting…what type of lights are you using now?

Good Luck
Cheers :beers:


Welcome and good luck with your grow
You came to the right place for help if you should find the need
So much information on this forum and super helpful and nice people all willing to help you get to your goal
Happy trails :v:️️:sunglasses::+1:


Welcome to the forum, congratulations on your state’s victory and to your seed purchase. May your patience be steady and your nutes be weak, your lights intense and your harvest fruitful


welcome!!! this forum is great! lots of help and new ideas to increase your chances for success!! good growing!


I got this funny feeling you’re gonna have a great time here and a very successful grow, welcome to ILGM :seedling::palm_tree::seedling::palm_tree::fish:


Welcome to the happiest place on earth
Disneyland nope ILGM
Where all our characters keep smiles on there faces…


You are going to fall in love with Amnesia haze. Good luck for your grow!


@Herbalist you came to the right place. I’m also a empty Nester and I have my grow room in my sons old room :joy: I’m a beginner and these people on this sight have helped me with one great harvest over the summer outdoors. Now I’m growing inside and with there help. If I can do it anyone can!!!

Almost ready and I have cloned her too with the help ILGM!!!


@Masshole, I have been following your own thread with great interest!


Wow, Everyone, thank you for the warm welcome! You really know how to make someone feel good. :smile: @Iloveindica at the moment, just while my seed is sprouting, I have a full spectrum table lamp, actually purchased for the treatment of depression due to lack of sunlight. (I worked the graveyard shift, and was thus nocturnal, for several years before quitting and getting a different job). It has all the bands of the spectrum except UV. I don’t remember how many watts or lumens it has, but it does produce some significant warmth, and it has a profound effect on my mood. As for bulb type, I think it may be flourescent, but I’m not at all sure.

In addition to the “anti- SAD” lamp, the hubby also purchased two LED red & blue spectrum bulbs especially for this project. The thing I worry about is that the bulbs have more red spectrum than blue, so the way I understand it is they are more for the flowering stage, and not so much for the vegetative stage? That’s the part I worry about-- getting good vegetation, and not dying off before it’s complete, or ending up with weak, scrawny plants with hardly any buds.

While the plant is still small, and still in its little jiffy pot, I do have a south facing window sill I can set it in during the sunniest part of the day, when the window feels warm to the touch. Real sun is always best when we can get it, right? Like mama’s milk for plants, lol.

We also have some of those twisty shaped CFL bulbs. Will that help?

Anyway, I took some pictures, and as soon as I can figure how to post them, I will.

Thanks again, all of you, for such a warm welcome! :smiley:


And just for fun, this is why we should spay and neuter our plants. “Mama Aloe” was sent to me last Christmas from my mother, in my son’s luggage. She was wrapped in a moist paper towel, in a food container. She was a scrawny little thing, and had not enjoyed her journey one bit, lol. She’s happy now. I’ve run out of pots for all her babies, and my windowsills are full! If anyone wants one, let me know. We can put our heads together and figure out how to send you one. :slight_smile:


I want to say general rule of thumb is 50 watts per square foot of growing space
Maybe @garrigan62 or @MacGyverStoner
Could confirm that for you
Might help you figure out how much light you need
Amazon has so good deals on led light you might want to check them out :+1:
Again good luck with your grow


@Herbalist this is the light I used for my seedling and now my clone works great!! And it’s not expensive.





Welcome to this wonderful forum if you ever need anything everyone will be more than happy to help you if possible just a message away good luck to you and happy growing


25 watts for a single plant per sq ft, and 50 watts per sq ft per 2 plants @Herbalist welcome to ilgm we are happy to have you here